How is the eyelid fold surgery done?

Patients of Asian descent are often interested in learning more about eyelid fold surgery. Asians are known for having puffy eyelids or large folds. Dr. Edmund Kwan of the New York City and New Jersey areas can help patients in achieving a more beautiful appearance by performing eyelid fold surgery. Many patients interested in having this procedure done want to learn more about how it is completed.

An eyelid fold surgery is performed by making a small incision in the upper eyelid. This is called the incision technique. An actual cut is made across and the levator muscle is attached to the skin. Therefore, when the eye opens, it pulls on that part and the eyelid fold appears. This is done on both sides, and once the eyelid fold is made, it is mostly permanent.

The size of the fold will depend on where the fold is put and where the incision is made. For a bigger fold, the cut will have to be made higher. There is another technique called the non-incision technique where three very small punctures are made. Through these punctures, three stitches are put inside, which give the fold. This non-incision procedure is less permanent and the folds can disappear within a year or two.

In Dr. Kwan's view, most patients are candidates for incision technique. The scars in the upper eyelid area are practically invisible. This procedure requires patients to consider approximately two weeks of recovery time, and expect noticeable results after one month from the procedure date.

Patients of Asian ethnicity who are interested in learning about the ways in which eyelid fold surgery can improve their appearance are encouraged to speak with Dr. Edmund Kwan to educate themselves on the benefits and risks associated with such reconstructive treatment. A consultation visit with a physical examination is the best way to determine candidacy for this or any other surgical procedure offered through his practice. Many patients are excited to learn that eyelid fold surgery can drastically enhance their natural beauty and allow them to feel self-confidence in their own skin!

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