What is the recommended age for an eyelid fold procedure?

A commonly performed procedure with Dr. Edmund Kwan is that of eyelid fold surgery. Dr. Kwan has over 15 years of experience in providing quality plastic and reconstructive surgery for patients of Asian ethnicity. Many of these patients deal with bulky eyelids and large folds that can hinder their appearance. This can make Asian patients feel self-conscious and embarrassed about the way they look. Dr. Kwan can help by performing eyelid fold surgery to reduce large, bulky folds and enhance the natural beauty of the patient.

Many patients who visit his practice are interested to learn at what age they are the appropriate candidate for this particular surgical treatment. The recommended age for an eyelid fold procedure is 12 years and above. There are patients under 12 years of age age who also eyelid fold surgery done, but when the patient is below 12, the procedure tends to become a little more difficult. Therefore, Dr. Kwan recommends it for patients above the age of 12. The majority of patients who have eyelid fold surgery performed are in the age group of late teens to the thirties. Eyelid fold surgery can be done on older patients too, but in such cases it tends to change their appearance. Older patients tend to get used to their appearance for many years, so some may actually desire a change, while others may not. If such patients want to get rid of droopy skin, they may be candidates for an eyelid lift rather than an eyelid fold surgery. These are issues that need to be discussed between the doctor and the patient.

Dr. Kwan can help patients understand eyelid fold surgery and the risks and advantages it can provide during an initial consultation visit. At this time, patients undergo a physical evaluation, a medical history questionnaire, and can speak with Dr. Kwan about the concerns they have regarding their appearance. This is the ideal time to ask him any questions or concerns they have about the surgical treatment, as well as recovery time, expectations, and what to expect before and during their surgery.

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