What is Asian eyelid fold surgery?

Most non-Asians do not know what an eyelid fold really is. It is the fold that appears above the eyelash, between the eyelash and the eyebrow. So when the patient opens his or her eye, a little fold appears. That fold is from a crease, with skin somewhat hanging over, just like when you open a curtain. It is a gathering of material, so a fold has to appear somewhere. This is the same with the upper eyelid. As the eyelid opens, the extra skin somewhat folds over.

Some Asian patients do not have eyelid folds, or they have a fold that is very small. This can happen due to many factors. It could be due to puffy eyes, or it could be due to an inefficient levator muscle, which is the muscle that opens the eyelid. The levator muscle may be attaching to the eyelid area very low, making the eyelid a little more puffy, and the eyelid fold completely gone.

As a result, there are Asian patients with varying degree of problems ranging from no eyelid folds to barely visible eyelid folds to larger eyelid folds. However, a good thing about larger eyelid folds is that the patient has bigger eyes, which gives a less sleepy appearance. Such eyes are considered more attractive among Asians. Therefore, an eyelid fold is an aesthetically preferable thing among many Asian patients.

Patients in the New York City and New Jersey areas who are considering a quality surgeon for such surgeries are encouraged to visit Dr. Edmund Kwan. He specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery for certain ethnicities including Asians. He has over 15 years of experience providing patients with surgical procedures such as breast reductions, chin implants, eyelid fold surgeries, facelifts, rhinoplasty, and even liposuction. His practice focuses on helping patients improve their self-confidence and feel beautiful in their own skin by enhancing their natural features. He gladly accepts new and existing patients to his practice, and is happy to assist them in making positive changes to the way they look to improve self-esteem and beauty.

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