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Who is a good candidate for Asian nose surgery?

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Any patient who desires to have an improved shape of the nose is a good candidate. Those with flattened bridges in their noses are particularly good candidates. Many Asian people tend to have a somewhat flattened bridge. Depending on the original shape of the nose, some patients may need thicker implants than others.

Dr. Kwan prefers to have a conservative approach towards building the bridge of the nose. In Dr. Kwan’s own words, “I do not like to over-build the bridge of the nose, because it tends to make the nose look more artificial, and almost shows that the patient has had a nose surgery. Therefore, I prefer to make it look natural. My implants tend to be caped at the end, so they hug the nasal bone. That way the implant blends right in and the outline of the implant is not visible at all. It looks just like your own nose.”

Patients who have wide, flat noses are good candidates for the surgery. But even Asians who have a good-sized nose with a big bump make good candidates. They may need a procedure that is actually similar to Caucasian. This involves taking the bump down, narrowing the nose and shaping the tip of the nose. This type of patient may be quite similar to Caucasian patients. In such cases, no implant is required. All the material used is taken from the patient and nothing needs to be placed on top of the nose. All that needs to be done is smoothed out and shaped.

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