Asian nose surgery performed with precision by your New York City surgeon

Dr. Kwan believes that in doing Asian Rhinoplasty, the surgeon needs to be as conservative as possible. If the nose bridge is built too high, or the shape is changed too much, the person might actually look a bit more Caucasian and less Asian. It is equally important to understand the patient's needs as to how they want to build their bridge. Some patients do want to have a more Caucasian looking nose. Dr. Kwan's opinion is that most patients benefit the most from a conservative type of buildup of the bridge.

While doing a bit less with the bridge, Dr. Kwan then places the emphasis of the Asian rhinoplasty procedure on shaping the tip of the nose. "If we stick with the more conservative thickness of the nasal implant, then the patients will get a much more natural looking nose, and still retain their ethnicity," says Dr. Kwan.

Rhinoplasty, like other forms of cosmetic surgery, is extremely customized. During initial consultations with patients, Dr. Kwan listens carefully to their desired outcome, as well as their concerns. The goal of any cosmetic procedure is to enhance the features that concern the patient while also retaining his or her most natural aesthetic. Though Asian men and women may request certain changes to enhance their overall facial contours, Dr. Kwan is careful to perform procedures with exact precision in order to promote a healthy, natural beauty.

Asian rhinoplasty may include the placement of a nasal implant to build up the nose, or use a patient's own cartilage to reshape the tip. In some cases, the nose needs to be narrowed in order to build the right height. Whatever the situation, Dr. Kwan brings eighteen years of cosmetic surgical experience to the table, letting each patient know that he or she is in very capable hands.

There are several benefits to working with a plastic surgeon skilled specifically in ethnic facial surgeries. Undergoing Asian nose surgery with New York City specialist Dr. Edmund Kwan, you can feel confident that your desired outcome will be produced, while your ethnic identity retained. You deserve to look like you – the best version of you! If you are unsatisfied with the harmony and balance of your facial contours, we can help. Contact our office in New Jersey, Manhattan, or Flushing for your consultation with Dr. Kwan.

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