How long will the results last after my Asian rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the more popular procedures in plastic surgery. It has the potential to improve the overall appearance and the facial profile substantially. Asian rhinoplasty is particularly useful because Asians tend to have a smaller and flatter nose in proportion to the rest of their face. The best part about rhinoplasty is that its results are mostly permanent.

The whole effort of having rhinoplasty done is worthwhile because the improvements to the appearance last a lifetime. It is a one-time investment and the patients can continue to reap its rewards for the rest of their lives.

Highly experienced rhinoplasty specialists prefer to use a superior quality of implant material for the procedure. The quality of the material is the key to the longevity of the results. If the implant is sturdy and resilient enough to last a lifetime, there is little else that has the possibility to go wrong following the procedure.

One of the best available synthetic implant materials is hard silicone implant. This is not the same silicone that is associated with breast implants. This is a hard silicone implant that is also used for heart valves. This is a very superior material that can easily last a lifetime without anything happening to it. The physical and biological forces of the body are unable to break down this material and it is highly biocompatible, as well. Therefore, the chances of any kind of resistance or infection are practically non-existent.

However, some plastic surgeons may use the patient’s own bone material for the implant. But this may result in resorption of the bone at some stage, which means a part of the bone could disappear. For this reason, an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon would prefer to avoid using bone or cartilage materials. The synthetic implants are more reliable and long lasting in rhinoplasty as compared to a bone graft.

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