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In typical Asian facial anatomy, the nose is usually flat and small in proportion to the rest of the face. The tip of the nose is often round and bulky, drooping down towards the upper lip. The resulting effect of these facial proportions speaks of descent, but may also lead to a lack of confidence due to the lack of harmony it creates. When the nose is very flat, the eyes may appear to bulge slightly. The lack of protrusion of any facial features makes the face look flat as a whole, an aesthetic that, although ethnically authentic, leaves some feeling dissatisfied with their appearance. The traditional idea of facial beauty includes a sharp nose with a well defined tip. Therefore, in absence of a sharp nose, the overall look of the face appears dull and flat.

Rhinoplasty is a great plastic surgery procedure to help patients improve the overall shape and size of their nose and enhance their facial aesthetics. The goal of rhinoplasty is not to create the "perfect" nose, but to create the perfect Asian nose for the Asian patient, the ideal nose for the Caucasian patient, or whatever other ethnicity is behind facial features. In our New York City facility, Dr. Kwan provides personalized care that respects the authenticity of each patient. We work to enhance facial and body features as requested by the patient, while ensuring the most natural aesthetic is retained.

Asian rhinoplasty is performed with different technique than westernized rhinoplasty. This is because the Asian nose begins as a totally different shape, flatter and broader than the Caucasian nose. For patients with a flat nose, rhinoplasty helps to build the bridge of the nose with the use of an implant. That makes the face appear more symmetrical and the eyes more proportionate to the rest of the face.

The nose bridge helps Asian patients to wear spectacles or sunglasses more comfortably. In absence of a strong nose bridge, many Asians find it difficult to wear glasses. Building up the bridge and refining the shape, a skilled surgeon is able to create more comfort. When the nose tip is more defined, it also gives a more chiseled appearance to the face, leading to greater confidence.

The nose is the most prominent and central point of the face. Therefore, it plays a key role in determining the symmetry and balance of the face. It is important that nose surgery should be performed by a surgeon who specializes in Asian rhinoplasty. The procedure must not compromise the ethnicity of the patient, and yet it should produce a substantive improvement in the facial profile. Only an experienced surgeon can achieve this goal perfectly.

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