What is Asian rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty refers to the reshaping of the nose through surgery. There are many nuances in rhinoplasty that make it a highly sensitive procedure. The slightest error can lead to poor and very noticeable results. At the same time, the difference between good and great results is usually not more than a few millimeters. Therefore, rhinoplasty must be performed only by a qualified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in this procedure.

Asian rhinoplasty is a specialized branch of rhinoplasty that is exclusively focused on Asian patients. Categorization of patients according to their ethnicity is important in rhinoplasty because of the high sensitivity of the procedure. Only a surgeon who specializes in Asian rhinoplasty can understand the intricacies and nuances of the Asian nose. It is most important to preserve the original ethnicity of the patient.

The physical anatomy of Asians is such that most of them have a smaller nose in proportion to the size of their face. Therefore, the typical requirements of Asian patients are to make the nose slightly larger, make its position a little higher and improve its shape.

A major difference between an Asian and a non-Asian rhinoplasty is that the latter generally involves removing the bump on the nose or slightly narrowing the nose. However, in Asian rhinoplasty, the typical requirement is to place an implant under the dorsum or the bridge of the nose, and tip of the nose is shaped. This requirement arises because the Asian nose bridge is generally flat and can be augmented with an implant.

Experienced rhinoplasty specialists prefer a silastic implant because it produces the most consistent and predictable results. A good surgeon will personally customize every single implant because every patient requires a different length and different height of the nose. Apart from the nose bridge implant, the Asian nose tip may also need to be reduced and sharpened slightly because it is typically round and bulky.

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