Asian Plastic Surgery

In our blended world society, we may each crave something different when it comes to our own appearance. Dr. Kwan, an experienced cosmetic surgeon treats patients of all ethnicities with an eye for providing desired results. We understand that, although you may long for certain aesthetic aspects, you want to remain authentically you. When providing Asian plastic surgery in our New York City facility, Dr. Kwan is considerate of each patient's desired ethnic identity.

Dr. Kwan appreciates the needs of patients. He strongly believes that the desire for an aesthetically pleasing eyelid fold or nose is not solely related to a "Caucasian" appearance but can be a great improvement for an attractive "Asian look" too. Asian men and women alike may find their desired aesthetic through treatment tailored to their unique needs.
  • Eyes may be made to look more bright and "awake" when eyelids are addressed through the most suitable surgical procedure.
  • A greater degree of harmony and balance may be added to the Asian face by slightly enlarging the nose in the rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Our specialized V-line surgery not only reduces a prominent jaw, but can also create the most ideal shape to the chin for balanced facial proportions.
  • Definition may be added to the face by reducing prominent cheekbones.
Dr. Kwan sees a lot of requests for breast augmentation, nose reshaping and eyelid surgery as part of his Asian Plastic Surgery practice in New York City. Patients often report feeling that their profile has more of a "flat" appearance with a strong mouth line. Asian women also report feeling dissatisfied about their overall shape, often having major difficulties in finding clothes which drape the body as they would like.

Dr. Kwan's ample experience in ethnic surgery has provided him with both the technical expertise and artistic eye to make subtle changes within the boundaries of each patient's ethnicity. It is also important that such changes be in balance with the remaining facial and bodily features and structure. Eighteen years of experience and technical competence makes such issues a matter of simple judgment for Dr. Kwan. If you are interested in creating a look that is uniquely you, contact our office for your consultation.

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