Learn about the common techniques used in a facelift procedure

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Facelift Procedure, Edmund Kwan, M.D.One of the most common procedures for those who want to combat the signs of aging is a facelift. The facelift is used to “lift” the skin of the face upwards to reduce skin laxity. It eliminates sagging as well as fine lines and wrinkles. If done correctly, patients still look like themselves, but with a more youthful appearance. Patients considering facelift surgery should have realistic expectations of the results.


There are various types of facelifts including full facelifts and mid facelifts. Some patients may want a more targeted approach such as eyebrow lifts or forehead lifts, which specifically address the upper portion of the face.


As with any surgical procedure, there are specific techniques used to perform a facelift. It involves the tightening or modification of the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, or SMAS. This is the layer of muscle underneath the skin of the face. When tightened and modified, it can pull the facial skin upward.


Most facelifts are completed with incisions behind the hair line. Scarring typically occurs from this procedure, but if within the hair, it often goes unseen by others. This is a great way to reduce the signs of having “work done” and allow patients to stay confident with their appearance.


Facelifts do require patients to take some time off of work and other activities for proper healing. They may need to take pain medication and come into the practice for bandage changes. Special care should be taken around the incision sites, as there may be an increased risk of infection, a concern with any and all surgical procedures.


If you live in the area of Manhattan, New York and want to speak to Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD about a facelift or other surgical procedures used to turn back the hands of time, contact him today by calling (212) 734-4488. We can schedule a consultation appointment during which patients speak to a professional about the surgical options available for addressing aesthetic concerns.


Recent moms wonder, “When is the best time for a mommy makeover?”

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Mommy Makeover, Edmund Kwan, M.D.For many women, pregnancy can wreak havoc on the body. Although there is nothing better than having a healthy, beautiful baby, the major changes to the body can be hard to cope with. While pregnancy affects every woman differently, many factors go into the changes experienced. They can include genetics, weight gain, and the number of pregnancies. Some of the most commonly seen changes are deflated breasts, stretch marks, loss of muscle tone, and excess skin or fat.

While there are some women who are fortunate enough to regain their pre-pregnancy body with the help of diet and exercise alone, many others carry a great deal of guilt that they are even entertaining the idea of surgery. When many women show up for that first “mommy makeover” consultation, the tone is often one of guilt or shame.

Our job, as plastic surgery professionals, is to help patients understand that a positive body image is an important component of confidence and self-esteem. While we will never steer our patients into making a decision, we are here to offer support and help them conclude that taking care of themselves and feeling youthful, attractive, and confident are all valid needs.

That brings us to discussing what mommy makeovers are, and when is the best time to consider them.

Mommy makeovers are a broad term used to convey the spectrum of procedures that are available to help restore the body to its pre-pregnancy status. This can include tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and liposuction. We offer some non-surgical options for patients explore as alternatives to surgical procedures.

Women who seek mommy makeovers should be in good health and within a few pounds of their healthy, ideal body weight. For most patients, we recommend waiting at least six months after the most recent pregnancy and at least four months after they have completed breastfeeding before having a breast augmentation. It’s also imperative that any women seeking a mommy makeover have adequate help taking care of the children during the full recovery period. Many women try to return to normal activities that include lifting and too much movement can make recovery difficult and possibly even ruin the results.  


New York area residents, do you want the answer to “Is Eyelid surgery right for you?”

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Eyelid Surgery Right for You, Edmund Kwan, M.D.Looking your best is an important part of being happy and successful. In the past few decades, there has also been a large emphasis placed on maintaining a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, the area around the eyes is one of the first places to start showing the physical signs of aging. Both under-eye bags and sagging upper eyelids can create heavy, tired, and old looking eyes. The good news is that eyelifts are a common, minor cosmetic procedure that can correct these issues and leave the face looking younger and more refreshed.

Eyelift surgery is an excellent way to correct droopy, tired eyes. It addresses these problems by eliminating extra skin and removing small pockets of fat from either the upper or lower eyelids. Eyelifts can be done alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as a brow lift or dermal fillers.

Not all patients are candidates for eyelifts. The prime candidates will be those who need to have eye bags removed, want to reduce puffy eyelids, or those with obstructed vision due to excess fat and skin. Candidates should be in good physical and mental health, and at least 18 years old. It’s also important that patients are realistic about the results that can be achieved with eyelid surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Kwan, expectations and potential results will be discussed at length.

There are certain eye conditions that can keep prohibit patients from undergoing an eyelift. Those who have been diagnosed with glaucoma or dry eye are at risk for aggravation of the condition with eyelid surgery. Patients with hyperthyroidism, heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes may also be excluded from the surgery.

If you feel that you might benefit from eyelift surgery, your first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kwan. During this visit, Dr. Kwan will thoroughly review your medical history to determine if you are a candidate. Then, expectations, results, costs, and recovery will be discussed at length.

Come see why so many patients are pleased with the dramatically improved appearance they receive after eyelift surgery. If you are ready to look younger and more alert, schedule a consultation with your physician today.


New York patients discover the cosmetic and non-cosmetic benefits of a tummy tuck

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Benefits of Tummy Tuck, Edmund Kwan, M.D.A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the most widely known procedure done to remove excess fat and skin to help the stomach appear more toned and flat. This procedure is commonly requested as a means for a woman to help restore her figure after going through pregnancy and childbirth. It is also commonly used for those who have experienced significant rapid weight loss.

In addition to drastically improving the appearance of the abdomen and body contours, several medical benefits can be seen after a tummy tuck.

They include:

·                         -   Reduction of stress urinary incontinence

·                          -  Better posture and a reduction in back pain

·                          -   Hernia correction

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence is a common occurrence in many women following a vaginal birth. Its symptoms include uncontrollable leakage, which can occur during activities such as exercising, coughing, sneezing, and laughing. Most SUI treatments do not involve surgery, however because a tummy tuck involves a minor obstruction of the bladder, it can usually reduce incontinence.

Posture / Back Pain

Losing large amounts of weight can have an impact on the abdominal muscles, leaving them weak and distended. Weak abdominal muscles are a major cause of lower back pain. During a tummy tuck, the connective tissue in the abdomen is tightened which can reduce pain and reduce the instances of lordosis, which occurs when the back is concave and the belly protrudes.

Hernia correction

Hernias are a protrusion of abdominal tissue or the intestine through the abdominal wall. Hernias can be caused by a variety of reasons including excessive weight loss or even surgery. Tummy tucks along with hernia repair can help prevent the reoccurrence of the hernia.

While tummy tucks have been known to give patients fantastic medical and cosmetic benefits, it’s important to remember that the procedure is still an intensive surgery and with that comes a set of risks including infections or other complications. Recovery from a tummy tuck can take several weeks. If you are in the New York area and are interested in learning more about tummy tucks and finding out if you are a candidate, call Edmund Kwan’s office today and set up a consultation.


In New York, you can rejuvenate your skin quickly with dermal fillers

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Rejuvenate Skin with Dermal Fillers, Edmund Kwan, M.D.Since the 1980s, dermal fillers have been used to address fine lines and wrinkles and plump up the lips. Originally made from bovine collagen, these first fillers had the potential to cause allergic reactions and results did not always last as long as patients would like.


In 2004, hyaluronic acid fillers became approved by the FDA and they took the dermatological world by storm. Since hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the body, it is a clear winner to help fill in lines and wrinkles, as well as improve facial volume. Another key benefit with hyaluronic acid is that there is little risk for allergic reaction.


Two of the common types of fillers we see in patients are HLA (hyaluronic acid) and PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid). Hyaluronic acid fillers are considered replacement fillers because they replace the volume that is lost naturally as our skin ages over time. These types of fillers typically offer instant improvement and results that last, on average, six to nine months. With hyaluronic acid fillers, there is minimal collagen stimulation. PLLA fillers are used when there is a significant loss of volume. They first became FDA-approved to aid in the loss of facial volume that is often seen in HIV patients. In addition to adding volume to the face, PLLA fillers also help stimulate collagen production. Results from PLLA fillers are often seen gradually over time.


Determining the type of filler that is necessary is an important part of the initial consultation. During this appointment, the patient is asked to explain his or her concerns and discuss what their ideal outcome is. Many younger patients (particularly women) come in looking for lip enhancement, which can be done easily and effectively with hyaluronic acid fillers. Patients who are starting to notice minimal volume loss may also still be prime candidates for hyaluronic fillers. Generally, the most common areas of early volume loss are in the cheeks, under the eyes and in the nasolabial folds. Once patients start entering the 40s, 50s, or 60s, significant volume loss can occur. For many of these patients, PLLA fillers are great because they can continually improve results over time and tend to have a bit more longevity.


Regardless of the particular need, dermal fillers are a great way for patients of all ages to enjoy skin rejuvenation. For patients who are interested in more information, please contact the team at Dr. Edmund Kwan’s New York office.


Surgeon near Manhattan offers mini tummy tuck treatment

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Mini Tummy Tuck Treatment, Edmund Kwan, M.D.Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD near Manhattan is a plastic surgeon ready to assist patients in achieving more attractive bodies. He understands that imperfections of the body can make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance. They may shy away from situations where they wear less clothing, such as swimsuits. Some patients just want to feel better in their own skin. When they visit a plastic surgeon, they are often introduced to a wide variety of procedures that can enhance their natural body contours in a more natural, attractive manner.


Patients near Manhattan who are unhappy with extra fat and skin around the abdominal area are often encouraged to learn about mid-section procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks. Both can be combined to achieve optimum results. Our practice offers a treatment referred to as a mini tummy tuck (often referred to as a partial abdominoplasty) and is done for patients who have minor skin laxity and fat deposits in the area. Most often it is done when patients have an accumulation of fat and skin underneath the navel, which typically develops due to fluctuations in weight, including pregnancy.


The mini tummy tuck is less invasive and less expensive than a full tummy tuck. It is done as an outpatient surgery and can be much more affordable than more traditional methods of achieving a flatter stomach. It requires less downtime and faster recovery, making it a perfect option for patients with mild fat deposits and skin laxity. Patients will have a short recovery time of just a few weeks, and will be able to enjoy a slimmer belly area.


If you live around the area of New York City and want to find out if a mini tummy tuck will solve the issues you have with the appearance of your abdominal area, contact Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD and his team today. We recommend patients visit our practice and ask about the many treatments used to enhance the body. He has helped hundreds of men and women in feeling better about themselves and the way they look—while also improving their overall quality of life.



Surgeries available to achieve the perfect Asian body in NYC

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Perfect Asian Body, Edmund Kwan, M.D.Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of NYC is a plastic surgeon readily available for area patients who are interested in enhancing their body. Many Asian patients who visit his practice are looking to achieve a more perfect appearance, one with fewer flaws and is more visually appealing. When there are imperfections, many patients feel self-conscious about the way they look. This is why they seek the assistance of a quality plastic surgeon for assistance in reaching a more desirable look.


Plastic surgery can help patients of all ethnicities. When it comes to the body, most patients are concerned with the size of their chest, their tummy area, and the accumulation of unwanted fat on areas such as thighs and stomach. These can be addressed with some of the following treatments:

  • Breast augmentation – breast augmentation may include a lift, reduction, or implants, depending on the needs of the patient. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD also provides reconstructive surgery for those who have had breast tissue removed during mastectomies.
  • Tummy tuck – the abdomen is often the first place where extra fat exists. It can also be a troublesome area when weight is lost, as the skin has a tendency to sag. Tummy tuck can both remove unwanted fat and remove excess skin that may be getting in the way of a more attractive tummy area.
  • Liposuction – unwanted fat can be suctioned out during liposuction. This treatment can be used in many areas of the body such as the tummy, buttocks, arms, and thighs.

These three services can also be combined for patients who have had many changes occur to their body due to pregnancy and childbirth. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD refers to these procedures as the “Mommy Makeover.”


For patients who are more concerned about specific imperfections of the face, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD also provides Asian-specific services, including augmentation of the Asian nose, eyelids, jaw line, and cheekbone.


If you are ready to learn about the various methods available for enhancing your body’s natural contours, now is a great time to speak with a plastic surgeon in the NYC area. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD happily accepts new patients into his technologically-advanced facility to educate themselves further on the many plastic surgeries used to improve self-confidence and aesthetics.



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    Dr. Kwan is by far the most talented surgeon I have EVER crossed paths with. I came to Dr. Kwan after an under eye fat transplant, performed 'by another' plastic surgeon, which deformed my face. It was only until I was under Dr.Kwan's care that the deformity was corrected. Dr. Kwan literally gave me back my beauty. This was a priceless feeling. That was about 4 years ago, I can assure you ever since- Dr. Kwan is the ONLY plastic surgeon I trust my face and body to. I look forward to my body contouring procedure coming up in a few weeks!! :)
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    The staff treated me very kindly, with respect and genuine smiles. Dr Kwan is a real professional in my opinion. He took the time to listen to my story, addressed my concerns and took his time to walk me through the process and give me his opinion and explanation on his recommendation. I had my surgery in his practice and we went over everything again before I met up with the anesthesiologist, who was equally as nice and professional as everyone else at his practice. We started counting bikes ... and after bike #6 I fell a sleep. When I woke up, he was there to tell me I did great and before I knew it I was in a taxi cab back home with my best friend who came to pick me up. So I don't know if this is typical, but I had no pain whatsoever after the surgery. . I am very very happy with the results. Dr Kwan did an amazing job and I couldn't be more pleased.
    Mascha N.
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    I was invovled in an automobile accident last May, 2013. The outcome from the emergency room left me with 5 stitches on the bridge of my nose, and the tip of my nose was missing due to the severe impact of the accident. I called and scheduled an appointment to visit Dr. Kwan so he could assess my nose. Upon arriving to the office, I was immediately impressed with the facility, service, and profesionalism of his staff. Dr. Kwan met with me and examined my nose and in detail, he explained the approach he would take in order to get my nose like brand new again.On the day of my surgery, I was met by Dr Kwan, who performed the surgery, himself. His Anestigeologist was very informative and professional as well. The outcome of Phase 1 was a success. In addition to that, the staff even called my medication into the pharmacy that way it would be ready as soon as I left the office. My nose is 98% back to normal, I now look forward to Phase 2 to be completed. After that procedure is done I am positive my nose will look absolutely perfect and I will be back to my confident self again. Thanks Dr Kwan and Staff.
    Rocky P.
  • Rating: 5 NYC Plastic Surgeon - Five Star Reviews By Glenn C.
    I have had several surgeries with Dr Kwan, and would recommend him highly. Liposuction of abdomen and love handles came out smooth. Upper eyelids look younger and refreshed, and the Basal Cell Cancer he cut out of my nose is not even visible, despite the fact that it was right along the rim of my left nostril.
    Glenn C.
  • Rating: 5 NYC Plastic Surgeon - Five Star Reviews By T. Cannon
    I have been using Dr Kwan for over 10 years now. I have had many different procedures and all of them have turned out great. One of the breast augmentations had a crimp in the left breast and he had no problem going in to revise it to assure my satisfaction. I have always liked the way he answers each of my concerns and we go over everything for each procedure I've done several times to assure we are on the same page :) Take a list of any questions or concerns an I guarantee you will love your results no matter what procedure he is doing for you! .
    T. Cannon
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