How can one find a qualified board certified plastic surgeon?

Any surgeon can perform breast implant surgery; not just plastic surgeons. If the surgery is performed at the hospital, it will probably be a plastic surgeon because the hospital will not allow anyone else other than a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. However, when performed in a doctor’s office, one does not even have to be a surgeon to place the implants.

Dr. Kwan however, believes that the only individuals qualified and experienced enough to place implants are the plastic surgeons. Hence, it is vital that patients search and locate a Board Certified plastic surgeon to conduct their desired cosmetic surgical procedures.

Patients who search for Board Certified plastic surgeons should start their efforts at the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. At these two professional bodies, plastic surgeons are offered certifications following a stringent evaluation process of their educational background and professional experience. Hence, a Board Certified plastic surgeon is among the finest of his or her field of expertise.

At both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a list of Board Certified plastic surgeons is maintained. Referring this document can help a patient verify whether their chosen surgeon is certified or not. Importantly, patients also have the right to ask their chosen plastic surgeon whether he or she is Board Certified and then verify the claim.

Dr. Edmund Kwan is a Board Certified plastic surgeon, and has undergone his training in plastic surgery at the New York Cornell Medical Center. He then followed a Cosmetic Surgery fellowship, focusing on the cosmetic part of plastic surgery. Dr. Kwan has been practicing as a cosmetic surgeon for the last eighteen years. Under a Board Certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kwan, patients can expect to be professionally cared for and taken care of while receiving the desired and expected results from the surgical procedures undergone.

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