How should one prepare for breast augmentation surgery?

As a prerequisite to the breast augmentation surgery, the patient needs to determine what kind of size and shape they are looking for. Dr. Kwan says that all patients must have realistic expectations, and factor in the kind of size and shape of breasts they have already. As far as possible, the patient must have an open mind and not become fixated about a certain model with a certain type of breasts, or a particular appearance of the breasts that they have in mind.

It is important for the patients to be realistic about the general size of their body, and understand that breasts should be in correct proportion to it. If the patient is very petite, it may be inappropriate to go for very large breasts. But if the patient is bigger in size, with broad shoulders and a wide chest, it would be more appropriate to have bigger breasts and implants.

Prior to surgery, patients also need to understand that breast implants are done differently from different locations. At the same time, they need to carefully consider the various options available for the breast implant types. Primarily, the patient needs to decide between the silicone and saline implants. Silicone implants became available in recent years, and in Dr. Kwan's opinion, they are the best implants available today.

Saline implants are good too, but they tend to rupture a little bit more than silicone. The consistency of saline makes it feel less like a breast tissue, whereas silicone implants tend to feel more natural. For this reason, Dr. Kwan recommends silicone. But patients need to be aware that there are certain risks associated with both silicone and saline. Even though the risks are small, the patient should be aware of them before they go ahead with the surgery.

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