What is breast lifting?

Breast lifting is a surgical procedure involving the lifting of breasts that sag. Breasts, like any other part of the body, will sag with the aging process. In many patients, breasts may sag following pregnancy. Skin can become stretched out or can become more deflated, which means breasts will no longer be firm, but flattened instead.

Dr. Kwan says that merely putting a breast implant in a patient whose breasts are very saggy will not solve the problem. Instead, the breasts need to be lifted by making incisions around them. This procedure can start from very limited breast lifting, which is called a “periareolar lift.” This involves making a limited incision just around the nipple areola area, but leading to very limited results.

The next option is what is called a “lollipop incision.” This incision goes around the nipple and then straight down, leading to a very effective lift. From this method, amazing and desired results have been achieved in many patients. This procedure limits the scars to just around the nipple areola area and the surrounding areas. This is also called a “circum-vertical lift” where the patient can expect to see extremely good results.

However, there is a third technique with which the patient can sometimes get even better shaping and lift. Called an “anchor incision,” this incision is made around the nipple, then straight down and across. The “across incision” is hidden between the fold so that it is not visible. During this process the entire breast is moved up to a higher location and the excess skin that is around it is removed and tailored. Hence, in a breast lift procedure, the patient not only gets a lifted breast, but also a nicely shaped one too.

Women who achieve excellent results with a breast lift are able to feel good about themselves and live a life of happiness and confidence.

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