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What is the recovery period like for a breast lift?

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Most patients do not experience much pain with a breast lift. So the recovery period is generally between one to two weeks. Most patients can go back to their routine two weeks later, or three weeks at the most. So recovery tends to be quick and easy.

During the weeks of recovery, breast lift patients should expect to experience normal postoperative effects like slight discomfort, swelling and some bruising. In order to alleviate these, a surgeon usually prescribes pain relieving medications to make the patient feel comfortable and at ease. Moreover, with respect to their routine habits, sleeping on their stomachs is strongly discouraged for breast lift patients during the first two weeks following the surgery. They are also advised to take sponge baths till the removal of sutures happen. According to the discomfort and postoperative symptoms that a patient suffers from, the ideal relief method will be prescribed by the surgeon.

To be worn during the initial days of the recovery, breast lift patients are prescribed with a surgical bra. Following the use of this special type of bra, surgeons advise patients to use a support bandage or a sports bra. Either of these should definitely be worn for a few weeks.

The sutures involved in the surgery are removed following a period of about one to two weeks. Even though patients will be able to engage in their normal routine work after the first week of recovery, surgeons often advise patients to work lightly during this time. Activities which require bending over or are exhausting are highly discouraged. If a patient engages in such activities, healing could deteriorate and swelling and bleeding could be triggered. Lastly, patients are highly discouraged on smoking for a period of about four weeks following the surgery, since smoking can cause reduced blood circulation which in turn can lead to slow healing and recovery.

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