How much does breast lift surgery cost?

Costs associated with breast lift surgery have the tendency to vary. Depending on the type of breast lift procedure performed, the costs can range from $5000 to $10,000. However, this too can depend on the patient’s choice of wanting to do the procedure with a limited incision or by combining it with a breast augmentation procedure. Coupling a breast lift with an augmentation procedure normally entails an expensive price tag.

Patients who opt to combine a breast implants procedure to their breast lift surgery should expect the costs to be considerably higher. Normally, factors like location, the type of implant used, experience of the surgeon and the surgical location can all add up to increase the total cost of the entire process. Normally, the addition of implants to a breast lift procedure propels the cost higher by over $1000.

Even though costs associated with a cosmetic procedure need to be looked at with importance, it should not be the most important factor when choosing a plastic surgeon. One of the key factors that patients should look at when they choose a surgeon is his or her skills and reputation. The experience of a cosmetic surgeon is almost always instrumental in getting the desired final results from a breast lift surgery.

Nearly a decade ago, a cosmetic procedure like a breast lift was untouchable for many people due to its high price tag. However, presently, people have many options with respect to acquiring the necessary finances to undergo any cosmetic procedure they desire.

Since cosmetic surgeries like breast lifts are deemed as elective procedures, most health insurance plans don’t offer coverage for the costs. As a result, patients may have to spend a considerable amount of money to get the procedure done. However, as the popularity of cosmetic procedures has improved over the years, now there are many healthcare financing options which enable patients to undergo a breast lift in an affordable manner.

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