How is breast lift surgery done?

Breast lift surgery involves the removal of extra skin and the recontouring of the breast mound to give the patient a better shaped breast. This is done through three techniques – periareolar, lollipop or anchor type incisions. All three may be effective, given the requirements of the patient. If the patient’s breasts are very saggy, then there may be more limited options or an anchor type incision may be the only option. If there is less sagging, a lollipop incision can solve the problem. If the breasts are even less saggy, then a periareolar incision will suffice. All these breast lift techniques can be combined with breast implants if the patient desires the breast to be larger. They can also be combined with breast reduction procedures if the breasts are too big.

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is normally done as an outpatient operation with the patient under general anesthesia. However, in special types of breast lifts where the requirement is to merely remove a minute amount of skin, the procedure is performed by using local anesthesia as well as a sedative.

Regardless of the type of incision used or the type of breast lift performed, any mastopexy procedure involves three basic steps. These include making an incision, the removal of excess skin and the repositioning of the corresponding skin and the nipple to bring about a change that makes the breasts look and feel firm and lifted.

Thereafter, the breasts are reshaped in accordance with the type of incision used. Once this is complete, the incision which initiated the surgery is closed with care with the use of sutures.

Following the procedure, patients are given and fitted a surgical bra, in order to hold their breasts firm and in place while providing the necessary support against gravity. In a normal scenario, breast lift patients can expect to go back to the comforts of their homes in a matter of about several hours following the procedure. The sutures will be taken off in one to two weeks' time.

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