What are the benefits of a brow lift procedure?

A brow lift is performed through an incision in the scalp, under the hair. Therefore, the scar remains hidden within the scalp. From there, the surgery is done all the way down to the brow area, and the entire brow is elevated. Thereafter, the brow is placed back in its proper position. This means that patients no longer have to elevate their forehead to lift their brow because it has been placed in the correct position. As a result, the wrinkles on the forehead disappear. The frown wrinkles also disappear because the frown muscle is taken away. The eyes appear bigger because the brow is lifted and the skin that was sagging on the eyelid is taken away.

A brow lift opens up the eyes, makes them look bigger, takes away the forehead wrinkles, takes away the frown, and makes the brow look more aesthetically pleasing. The result is almost like eyelid surgery without having one.

For patients with the right requirements, a brow lift surgery is an amazing procedure. However, as a careful patient, one needs to adhere to certain actions prior to undergoing the surgery in order to be free from rare complications.

First and foremost, during the initial appointment, the patient should inform the surgeon of any medical issues that he or she may be suffering from and any other important medical information. These can include earlier surgeries, present medications, blood circulation issues, and more.

Moreover, it’s important that patients adhere to all of the surgeon’s pre-surgical instructions. These instructions will include the need to refrain from smoking for several weeks prior to the procedure, so that recovery will be smoother and smoking-related side effects will not be present.

Lastly, important aspects like arranging transportation to and from the surgical center should not be overlooked either.

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