Are there any alternatives to brow lift surgery?

There are different types of brow lift surgeries. The Coronal Brow Lift surgery makes an incision in the scalp all the way across. This is normally regarded as the gold standard of Brow lift surgery, where the results tend to be the best. However, there are more limited incision brow lift surgery options available too.

The Endoscopic Brow Lift surgery makes small incisions in the scalp area and a lift is done. However, this lift tends not to be as good as other procedures.

There is another brow lift surgery where the incision is made right at the brow level and not at the scalp. Good candidates for this type of a brow lift are men who do not want an incision to be made in the scalp because of shorter hair, and who do not need much of a lift. Better results can be achieved if these two procedures are combined.

Regardless of the type of brow lift surgery undergone, persons who opt for the procedure are normally between the ages 40 and 50 years. Brow lines and eyelids of these patients have sagged considerably and wrinkles and creases have gradually started to appear in the forehead area. In some cases, persons in their 20s and 30s also opt to undergo a brow lift procedure to treat hereditary conditions which has resulted in earlier mentioned unaesthetic effects.

In essence, a brow lift surgery is highly ideal for patients who suffer from cosmetic problems like drooping eyebrows which contribute to give an angry and tired facial looking appearance. Patients who have horizontal lines in their forehead area and deep grooves in between the eyebrows are also excellent candidates for a brow lift procedure. Finally, patients who suffer from heavy upper eyelids are ideal for the solutions offered with a brow lift surgery as well.

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