What is cheek reduction?

Cheek reduction is a cosmetic surgery that involves the reduction of the cheek bone area. Even though this procedure is not as common among the Caucasian population, every once in a while there are non-Asians like Hispanics or African Americans who exhibit very high cheekbones. However, for most non-Asians, the presence of a higher cheekbone can be a sign of beauty and attractiveness.

In contrast, in some Asians, the cheekbone can be much higher and wider, causing an unpleasing appearance. When the cheekbone of a person is both high and wide, it generally causes the face to give a disproportionate look. To correct the facial domination caused to the face by a higher and wider cheekbone, cosmetic surgeons usually recommend cheekbone reduction surgery.

In essence, cheekbone reduction involves the reduction of the bone which is referred to as zygomatic or malar eminence.

Surgical Location and Safety

Almost all cheekbone reduction surgeries are done at an office setting for outpatients. Most of the time, surgery will be performed in your plastic surgeon's office operating room. Generally, these operating rooms are certified surgery centers.

Following the surgery, patients can immediately go home. Even though there is some swelling involved, patients will not experience major pain. Patients can do pretty much everything following the surgery.

The surgery typically takes around an hour to two hours to complete. It’s a completely safe outpatient surgery and most plastic surgeons have a lot of experience, having performed hundreds of cheekbone reduction surgeries.


According to expert cosmetic surgeons, cheekbone reduction surgery entails very minimal amounts of pain.

The incisions are made inside the mouth and in the temporal area. Through these, the specialized surgical instruments cut the cheekbone down. Even though patients do swell up following surgery, the associated pain is very minimal.

For some patients, chewing will be difficult at first. Hence, patients are placed on a soft food diet for about two weeks following surgery. But there’s very little pain associated with the chewing issue as well. Lastly, important aspects like arranging transportation to and from the surgical center should not be overlooked either.

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