How do you perform cheekbone reduction?

Since the cheekbone is not very thick, its thickness doesn’t present any problems to a plastic surgeon. However, the issue lies in the exact amount of protuberance of the cheekbone and how it affects the patient’s appearance.

Cheekbone surgery is performed differently by different surgeons. While some perform it by filing the bone down, a majority of them prefer to literally and completely cut the bone and push it in. Proponent surgeons of the latter version recognize the fact that the cheekbone is comparatively thin compared to the rest of the bones in the skull.

Many surgeons compare this version of the surgery to situations involving a car accident or getting punched in the face. In both of these situations, a person’s cheekbone would break and get pushed in. As a result, that person will have a flattened cheek area which is essentially similar to a cheekbone reduction surgery.

At many shock trauma centers in large cities, patients who have met with major car accidents are brought in with their cheekbone completely crushed in addition to other injuries. For these types of patients, surgeons replace the entire height of their cheekbone. Many cosmetic surgeons today have the experience in working at such high stress medical environments. They translate their experience into their cosmetic procedures to give their patients excellent results.

In a cheekbone reduction surgery too, surgeons use their prior intensive experience to make the bone protrude less. Firstly, two cuts are made on the cheekbone so that the bone becomes completely movable. Following this, the surgeon pushes the bone in to the required level to get the desired facial appearance. The achieved result will then make the width and the protuberance of cheekbone be in better proportion to the rest of the patient’s face.

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