What is reconstructive facial surgery?

Reconstructive facial surgery is a surgery performed on the face of a patient who suffers from some sort of deformity caused due to facial trauma from incidents like car accidents, natural birth conditions, conditions of facial bone deformity, or even soft tissue deformity. In addition, reconstructive facial surgery involves patients who have had cancer surgery which has resulted in some sort of facial deformity. Furthermore, this type of surgery is ideal for patients who suffer from scars and disfigurements which have been caused by some other facial surgery. For all of these conditions and situations, reconstructive facial surgery is the best answer.

Sometimes, when patients undergo various other facial surgeries, they are left with conditions like "Bell's Palsy" or different types of facial nerve injuries. As a result of such injuries, patients suffer from the partial drooping down of the face on one side. This is because the muscle of facial expression doesn’t function normally as it did before. Patients who suffer from facial nerve injuries can suffer from droopy eyelids, droopy brows and even a completely droopy face.

All in all, due to nerve damage caused from various facial surgeries, patients can be left with an unaesthetic and asymmetrical facial appearance.


Similar to other surgeries, one of the most common complications following a reconstructive surgery is bleeding. However, with facial reconstructive surgeries, it is very uncommon.

One of the more serious complications following a reconstructive facial surgery is the lack of symmetry in the final result. In such a situation, the two sides of the face may not look perfectly similar causing an unaesthetic and undesirable appearance.

Surgical Location

Most plastic surgeons perform reconstructive facial surgeries in their own certified office operating room. Since some of these surgeries are fairly extensive, their duration can extend up to three to five hours. However, this surgery can be done as a complete outpatient procedure.

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