What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty is the surgery that involves the reshaping of the ears. This procedure is generally performed on patients who have disproportionately large ears. The ears may be flapping out, spoiling the facial aesthetics of the patient. These patients are usually born with this abnormality and as they grow, the problem appears more obvious.

Boys tend to get teased by other kids, but girls are able to hide their large ears with their hair. However, both boys and girls are recommended to undergo otoplasty to get rid of the problem permanently. Otoplasty sets the ear back through a surgery that is done behind the ear. A portion of the cartilage in the ear is folded and stitched and a more normal shape is given to the ear. The stitches are permanent in nature and the patient can expect the results to remain forever.

Otoplasty is more commonly known as "ear pinning". The procedure can improve the facial aesthetics of the patient substantially. The most common candidates for this surgery are kids between the ages of four and fourteen. By the age of six, ears attain near full growth. Therefore, after the age of six, a patient can undergo the surgery at any time. But it is recommended to have it earlier so that the child feels more normal during his or her growing years. In the case of adults who suffer from large, protruding ears or elongated earlobes, otoplasty is a very good option to correct the condition.

The procedure of otoplasty typically lasts about one to two hours. The surgery is relatively simple and is usually performed with the patient being placed under sedation. Postoperative recovery may take up to six weeks for complete healing. However, the recovery is safe and very few patients experience any side effects after the surgery.

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