Jawbone Reduction

Unfortunately, not everyone has a natural appearance which matches their inner spirit and vigor. The jawbone is often a problem area of the face that many patients feel self-conscious about. Dr. Edmund Kwan is a plastic surgeon who can help patients by providing services such as a jawbone reduction procedure.

The reasons for a widened face are thick and wide jawbones or thick and bulky muscle. Patients with the appearance of a wide face can experience a negative effect on their self-esteem, and many patients may use their hair to hide the lower portion of their face.
New York City Jawbone Reduction - Before Jawbone Reduction
New York City Jawbone Reduction - After Jawbone Reduction

Patients can avoid hiding their jaw line with the help of Dr. Kwan's extensive experience, academic competence and of course his artistic eye. The aim of Dr. Kwan's jawbone reduction procedure is to reduce the size of the jaw line. The first step is to file down the bone and then remove a part of the muscle. Patients do not have to worry about reduced function. This reduction will only reduce the fullness and will not affect the function. New York City patients will enjoy the benefits of the final results, which can provide a softer angle and a smoother, more oval-shaped jaw line.

Dr. Kwan also provides his patients with Botox. Botox is made of botulinum toxin type A, which is completely safe for cosmetic injections. It is FDA approved for many medical and cosmetic treatments, and can be used as a short-term solution to an invasive jawbone reduction. Botox is injected into the muscles of the jaw to lessen its negative appearance. The results last for approximately six months.

If you are interested in learning more about ways to reduce and augment your jaw line, now is a great time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kwan and his team to learn about plastic surgery and reconstructive treatments to assist in enhancing your natural beauty. Talk to Dr. Kwan today to understand how he can help you find the right outer look to match your inner personality!

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