Are there alternatives to jawbone reduction?

In many patients, the irregular and disproportionate lower portion of the face is not caused solely due to their jawbone. The real issue lies in the jaw muscle being very big. In order to correct this condition, some surgeons use Botox injections. Botox or Botulinum toxin is a medicine that’s usually injected into wrinkles and the face. However, in most patients, this toxin works effectively to reduce the size of their jaw area, as well.

Once the toxin is injected, it causes the muscle to get paralyzed. In the same manner, multiple shots into the muscle cause it to become paralyzed for up to six months. As a result, the size of the jaw line will be reduced significantly.

The Botox shot as an alternative to jawbone reduction surgery is highly suitable for patients who don’t prefer a surgery, or those who want to undergo a procedure that’s not as invasive as a jawbone reduction. Furthermore, the Botox method of treatment is completely an outpatient procedure where patients can receive their shots and return to work the same day.

The only downside to the Botox alternative is that patients need to have injections every six months for the rest of their lives in order to retain their aesthetic appearance. Hence, as time passes, the cost of continually undergoing Botox shots will be much higher than a jawbone reduction surgery.

Complications from a Jawbone Reduction

As with any other surgery, patients can experience common complications like bleeding following a jawbone reduction surgery. Even though it is not common, safe yet excess amounts of bleeding can happen since the surgery involves the removing of the jaw muscle. However, to prevent such bleeding, surgeons take necessary surgical action to clot all of the bleeders prior to completing the surgery.

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