Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

The ideal candidates for a liposuction procedure are patients who have excessive amounts of fat in areas of the body like the flanks, stomach and thighs which don’t respond to special diets and regular exercise. Plastic surgeons seem to feel the most suitable physical structure is of those people who are somewhat over their recommended ideal weight but not excessively overweight. However, a liposuction procedure is not limited to these types of patients alone. In fact, a liposuction procedure could be performed on any patient who might desire a more streamlined and enhanced appearance.

It is important that people do not think of liposuction as a convenient form of weight loss, but they should instead regard it as a body contouring procedure. Liposuction will not, by any means, prevent a person from regaining weight if they are lax about their eating habits and the quality of dietary intake. So, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are certainly requirements for maintaining the positive results gained by the liposuction procedure.

Non-eligibility for Liposuction

The only people who are not eligible for liposuction at all are those who are thin and do not have excess fat cells which require any form of liposuction.

Furthermore, two of the worst types of candidates for a liposuction procedure are those who continuously gain weight in spite of every solution, or are continuously losing a lot of weight. Patients who habitually gain weight in spite of a liposuction procedure should think twice about subjecting themselves to this type of procedure. In the same manner, those who are losing weight should also think twice about a liposuction procedure. It is advisable for both these types of patients to wait until they achieve a steady weight which does not constantly fluctuate, to undergo a liposuction procedure.

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