What is liposuction?

Known by different terms like Lipo-Sculpturing and Lipo-Contouring, the plastic surgery procedure widely known as Liposuction involves the removal of fat cells from a patient’s body. The most popular areas of the body where the liposuction procedure is performed include the waist, stomach, flanks, and the thigh area. Apart from these areas, the liposuction procedure is done on the neck area, as well.

While there are numerous techniques available for liposuction surgery, the most popular and commonly used technique is a breakthrough one known as the "Tumescent" technique. Using this technique, plastic surgeons infiltrate, with numbing medicine, the areas on which the liposuction procedure will be done. Next, a cannula, which is a long metal tube attached to a suction machine, is inserted through tiny little incisions in the relevant areas where the procedure will be done. Then the fat in those areas is literally sucked out through a vacuum.

Laser Technique

One of the newest additions to the liposuction procedure is the laser technique. In this technique, plastic surgeons use a laser in conjunction with the normal liposuction procedure in order to better tighten the skin. However, according to many plastic surgeons, even without the laser technique, patients who undergo liposuction enjoy the positive experience of natural skin shrinkage and tightening.


Results achieved from a liposuction procedure can be permanent provided that the patient maintains his or her weight. Following liposuction, if a patient goes back to his or her earlier lifestyle and eating habits, the results may seem to vanish with time. Hence, it is imperative that patients do not think of liposuction as a form of weight loss, but regard it as a body contouring procedure. So any patient who undergoes liposuction is merely given a jump start to lead a life of enhanced appearance and better health.

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