How long is the recovery period from liposuction?

Recovery from liposuction surgery generally takes up to two weeks. However, a majority of patients are given the "go ahead" to engage in exercises after a week or a week and a half, depending on their individual recovery status.

The primary postoperative symptom found in most liposuction patients is soreness, which can last up to two weeks. But, this condition does not cause tremendous pain. In addition, as a result of the soreness, patients may experience black and blue coloring of the affected areas of their body.

All in all, the recovery period following a liposuction procedure may not last more than two weeks. Since the incisions made in liposuction procedures are very small, the recovery period tends to be very quick.


Like any other surgery, the risks of undergoing a liposuction procedure are bleeding and infections. However, according to surgeons, these two complications are extremely rare. Apart from these complications, the development of a pulmonary embolism, which is the blockage of any of the main arteries of the lung, is also a possibility in liposuction patients. Again, this risk is also very rare.

Most plastic surgeons believe that the biggest risks of a liposuction procedure spring from contouring irregularities, from over suctioning and/or from under suctioning of the fatty areas of the body.

Permanency of Results

Results achieved from a liposuction can be permanent provided that the patient maintains the weight. Following a liposuction procedure, if a patient goes back to his or her earlier lifestyle and eating habits, the results may seem to vanish with time. Hence, it is imperative that patients do not think of liposuction as a form of weight loss, but regard it as a body contouring procedure. A patient who undergoes liposuction is merely given a jump start to lead a life of enhanced appearance and better health.

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