What is the recovery time following a profile surgery?

Since a profile surgery is a simpler surgery than cutting bone, the associated recovery time with it tends to be very short. As a matter of fact, most patients look reasonably good within a week’s time. Moreover, complications arising from profile surgeries are very low, as well. Complications like bleeding and infections are incredibly rare and very uncommon. Apart from a few days of discomfort, profile surgery patients do not suffer from any harsh and long term pain. Typically, patients can get back to work within a week of surgery.


Similar to any other surgery or surgical procedure, there are complications with profile surgery, as well. However, complications arising from profile surgery tend to be minimal to none.

Since profile surgeries involve the placement of implants, complications associated with implants are a possibility. Even though there is a chance of getting infections from placing implants (a foreign body) in a patient's face, the likelihood of such developments is extremely rare and less than one percent.

Moreover, patients may also be prone to develop rejection complications. However, development of such complications is very rare, as well. This depends on the individual patient, and it is not common to all patients.

In some patients, the placement position of the implants can be slightly off. Identified as a malpositioned implant, this complication can be taken care of through a small revision surgery. This surgery will correct the position of the implant to give the patient the best appearance.

As far as any long-term complications from implants are concerned, the likelihood of occurrence is minimal. In fact, many patients have had these profile surgery implants for decades and have experienced no problems. Plastic surgeons have been using implants for profile surgeries for the past 40 to 50 years, and have had no serious problems.

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