Tell me about the profile surgery and what it is

In simple terms, profile surgery is a cosmetic surgery involving a person’s profile. The word ‘profile’ here refers to the side view of a person. In this surgery, various specific areas of a patient’s face will be subjected to enhancement to make the profile more aesthetically pleasing.

Profile surgery involves several areas of the face. These areas include the chin, mouth, around the nose, the profile view of the eye, and the forehead. For all of these sections of the face, surgeons have a range of surgical procedures and tools. Some of these include forehead augmentation, nose augmentation, mid face implants, and chin implants.

By utilizing a combination of these augmentation procedures and/or implants, the earlier mentioned facial areas can be made to look protrusive, resulting in the enhancement of the profile appearance of a patient. However, for some patients, not all of these procedures will be necessary. For example, some patients don’t prefer a protrusive look in their mouth. In such a situation, the surgeon may use chin and mid face implants to achieve the desired profile look. These mid face implants are used on the sides of a patient’s nose. As a result, a patient’s mouth area will move inward, causing a much more pleasing profile.

However, for some patients, the use of nose implants alone will improve their profile. If the eyes of these patients look protrusive and/or if their nose is flat, then inserting a nose implant or changing the shape of the nose will markedly enhance the patient's profile look to be more pleasing, and will markedly lift the patient’s confidence.

Lastly, there are some patients who may need all of the profile augmentation procedures and implants to achieve a desired and pleasing profile appearance for life.

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