What is rhinoplasty?

One of the most common procedures associated with cosmetic surgery is Rhinoplasty. It bears meaning to the words 'nose job' or 'nose surgery,' and has the potential to improve the appearance or the functionality of the nose through the correction of, reshaping of, or redefining of the structure.

The Rhinoplasty procedure, performed in a state-of-the-art surgical facility, can be done in a number of different ways, and is suitable for a wide variety of men and women from diverse ethnic backgrounds. For example, a Rhinoplasty can be performed on patients with wide noses or noses which have bumps on the bridge or wide tips. A nose that is too wide can be narrowed through precise technique. Bumps may be reduced to perfection, and the tip of the nose can be altered slightly for a dramatic effect. Sometimes, Rhinoplasty can be done on a patient for purposes of reconstruction in order to correct birth defects or problems with breathing.

Non Surgical Nose Job

A non-surgical nose job offers a new alternative to traditional Rhinoplasty. Using injections of gel solutions, the nose is shaped and contoured to achieve the desired look. Through the injection of gel to precise areas of the nose, the procedure can disguise a nasal bump or indentation, straighten or lift the nasal tip and increase the appearance of a flattened nasal bridge. A non-surgical nose job is completed in less than 20 minutes and requires no recovery time. Furthermore, the achieved results will remain for a few years.

Expectations from a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Since no two people have the exact same type of nose, and since there are many different variations of nose shape, size and projection, it is vital that the patient identify the correct and aesthetically pleasing procedure prior to the surgery. Sometimes patients desire a certain type of nose that may not match their facial shape. During the consultation process with the surgeon, the goal of surgery should be clearly discussed. Dr. Edmund Kwan has been performing Rhinoplasty on men and women of diverse ethnic backgrounds for over eighteen years. He is happy to explain the details of surgery, as well as expected outcome, with each patient prior to treatment.

If your nose is a facial feature that you feel is detracting from an attractive aesthetic rather than enhancing it, Rhinoplasty with New York City specialist Dr. Edmund Kwan could provide the perfect solution. Contact us in Manhattan, New Jersey, or Flushing for your consultation.

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