How long does it take to recover from a rhinoplasty procedure?

In the majority of cases, patients recover from a Rhinoplasty procedure in about a week or two. However, a patient can certainly go out and about in public after several days. The most common postoperative symptoms that patients experience are black and blue eyes and some swelling. Nasal splints will also be used in some cases. These splints will remain for several days for the purposes of keeping everything in place and to minimize swelling. However, the nasal splint won’t spare a patient from the persistent yet mild swelling which will be present for a few weeks. Overall, most patients will feel fairly comfortable after several days.


Undergoing a nose job surgery offers a variety of benefits to patients. Patients with noses which are wide or which include a big bump can enhance their looks through a Rhinoplasty surgery which involves breaking the nose and shaping it. In addition, patients who have noses with wide tips can also seek the help of a nose surgery to obtain an enhanced aesthetic look by sculpturing and narrowing the nose to take out the irregularity in the tip. Furthermore, patients who have crooked noses and breathing difficulties can also seek relief from a nose job surgery. Following a Rhinoplasty, this type of patient will have improved breathing conditions and a straightened nose.


The results achieved by any type of Rhinoplasty surgery are permanent. Once a patient undergoes this type of surgery, he or she will not have to undergo it ever again. However, all of this depends on the patient’s comparison of the expected and the achieved results with respect to the appearance of their nose. If the patient is satisfied, he or she will enjoy that appearance of the nose for the rest of their life.

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