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New York plastic surgeon understands Asian patients’ unique needs to achieve their goals with nose job surgery

While every patient is different, as a board-certified surgeon with experience treating many patients of Asian descent, Dr. Edmund Kwan understands these patients’ unique anatomies. There are considerable ethnic nasal and facial variations. These differences are important, because they influence the best approach or technique taken for rhinoplasty or Asian Nose Job in New York at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD.

Asian Nose Job in New York at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD.

In general, Asian patients tend to want to address the following features with rhinoplasty procedures;

  • Short nasal bones
  • Wide or bulbous tips
  • Wide nasal bases
  • Inadequate projection, when the tip doesn’t point out enough
  • Rounded, flared, and overly visible nostrils
  • Insufficient space between the nostrils
  • Over-rotated nasal tips, which point upward
  • Thicker or more sebaceous (oily) skin
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Regardless of specific genetic characteristics or ethnic backgrounds, rhinoplasty for all patients involves reshaping or resizing portions of the nose. This treatment may involve removing distracting “humps,” or altering the angle between the upper lip and nose. When addressing Asian plastic surgery, rhinoplasty reshaping or resizing may specifically add height to the nose or augment the bridge or dorsum. Dr. Kwan can also adeptly alter your profile, change how your nostrils are shaped, narrow your nose, or create a more pronounced nasal tip. His Caucasian patients, generally speaking, desire the exact opposite correction; they may want to reduce the tip or bridge area rather than heighten or augment. Another way to think about these differences is that Asians overall desire “more nose,” while Caucasians desire “less nose.” One is not better than the other, and we preserve ethnic identities; we don’t wipe them out. It also can’t be said too often: Anatomical differences vary from patient to patient. These unique differences help to guide the direction of your specific surgery.

  • The nasal bridge may be enlarged with a biocompatible or tissue-friendly material such as bone cement. Each material or approach used has distinct pros and cons, and your personal preferences may skew more toward one option than another. We’ll discuss all of these considerations during your consultation.
  • Enhancement may be as simple as narrowing the nose, which reduces its overall size.
  • The idea is to achieve facial harmony and balance, accounting for your unique aesthetics.
  • Thick skin can present some challenges to achieving the finer features that may also be in better proportion with the rest of your face, underscoring the need for a skilled surgeon who has experience treating patients like you. Also, a pointed or angular nose may not suit every person’s face, so in these cases thick skin is less of a concern as the goals for treatment are different.
  • The type of implant or material introduced for augmentation procedures matters, and its appropriate placement is vital to assure there aren’t complications such as movement or extrusion.
  • If your nostrils are overly flared or enlarged, reducing them requires great surgical skill to minimize the risks of visible scarring while balancing enough improvement to create the correction and balance you desire.
  • A broad, flat nose tip may need refinement to raise or sharpen its appearance. This can be achieved with a tiny incision at the base of your nose.

Dr. Kwan has substantial training and experience in reconstructive surgery

Safety is of utmost importance in all procedures, but the nose is also a functional organ. You need your nose to be healthy for proper breathing. Our ambulatory surgery facility is AAAASF certified and has the procedures in place that allow for the safe use of general or intravenous sedation. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Kwan will examine the inside of your nose and account for any anatomical differences when determining the best technique for your Asian nose job or rhinoplasty. Also, nose jobs can be performed to correct functional problems such as a deviated septum. Dr. Kwan has substantial training and experience in reconstructive surgery and can handle these types of procedures as capably as those that are more cosmetic in nature.

Generally, all rhinoplasties involve incisions through which tissues and structures may be accessed and manipulated. Incisions are later close and splints or gauze may be added to support the nose as it heals. Swelling subsides before full refinement of the nose occurs. “Refinement” is a gradual process. Your nose will change and conform to its new contours over time. You can expect to enjoy your results for years to come, knowing that as you age, the relationship between your nose and other features can change. Contact Edmund Kwan, MD (212) 734 4488 to schedule your complimentary consultation at one of our three convenient offices in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey.


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