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New Jersey area doctor describes Asian profile surgery

The Asian face has many characteristics that set them apart from a Caucasian face. Asians typically have larger, wider faces, which tend to have reduced, flatter profiles. Asians also have less prominent cheekbones, which can result in a retruded overall profile which can appear more masculine. Asians may also have less developed chins and undefined jaw and necklines. Because of this, many patients are concerned about their profile and work with a quality professional in the New Jersey area to learn more about procedures such as Asian profile surgery.

Asian profile surgery is done to enhance the natural curves of the facial profile to make them more prominent and proportional. Profile surgery may involve many different procedures in one treatment including chin implants, neck lifts, rhinoplasty, and bone grafting. When all of these are done together, Asian patients can enjoy a more definitive profile and feel more confident in their appearance. By addressing many areas of the face at once, Dr. Edmund Kwan can also achieve balance and a more aesthetic appearance overall. With over 18 years of experience in specialized ethnic procedures, Dr. Edmund Kwan is able to help patients achieve their ideal proportions and a more attractive appearance with plastic surgery.

Asian profile surgery is an extensive treatment that can be used by both male and female patients who are unhappy with the profile and overall appearance of their face and are ready to achieve better definition and prominence to specific areas of the face such as the chin, nose, and cheekbones. Our practice offers a wide selection of services that can be picked by the doctor to benefit each patient based on his or her specific, unique situations.

Patients in the New Jersey area 201 947 3636 and surrounding communities are welcome to contact Dr. Edmund Kwan to educate themselves on the various procedures available to rejuvenate their look and allow them to feel more confident in their appearance. Our practice welcomes new patients who are interested in learning more about Asian profile surgery and other ethnic procedures to enhance ones natural beauty.

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