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Visit with an Asian rhinoplasty specialist in NYC

Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of NYC is a plastic surgery specialist who provides a wide range of procedures for his patients, but is most notably known for his treatment of ethnic body image concerns. It is not uncommon for Asian patients to come his practice for advice on reconstructing the nose with Asian rhinoplasty.

Asian rhinoplasty is a procedure that is done to help reshape the nasal area and allow the nose to project further for a more desirable appearance. This is not done in order to achieve a more Caucasian look—instead, it is done to enhance the natural appearance of the nose and help create better balance and harmony.

The initial visit is a consultation appointment. During this time, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD will discuss with patients the concerns they have about their nose. Some may feel as though the nose is too flat or does not have enough of an arch. Using his knowledge about ethnic features, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD can make some recommendations for patients and discuss the procedures necessary to obtain this new look. An Asian rhinoplasty is a popular treatment done to help patients in feeling better about the way they look and restoring a more natural appearance.

It is important that procedures such as the Asian rhinoplasty are done by a quality surgeon as this ensures the results are natural in appearance and do not look obvious that patients have had “work done.” Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD has years of experience in providing individuals with reliable, natural results with cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries and is happy to show his patients before and after photos of past procedures. Patients can use these images to help them better understand the results they can achieve and have a realistic expectations of what their new nose will look like.

If you live in the NYC area or surrounding communities and have considered Asian rhinoplasty, a free consultation appointment is the best way to get started on learning more about what can be done to enhance your natural beauty. Contact Edmund Kwan, M.D. today to schedule a visit with one of the leading specialists in the area.

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