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Are there any risks involved in blepharoplasty?

A patient who chooses the blepharoplasty procedure should have a clear idea that the eyes are the most delicate and perhaps the most precious external organ of the human body. Any surgery that is carried out around the eyes is inherently a highly sensitive surgery. Therefore, it must be performed only by a very experienced and qualified surgeon who understands the procedure thoroughly.

There are two potential risks that are associated with blepharoplasty. However, the fortunate part is that both these risks are fairly rare. The first risk is more closely associated with lower eyelid blepharoplasty. In this case, if the patient develops heavy bleeding during or following the surgery, it can cause blindness.

But this risk is extremely remote. If the patient feels any pressure on the eyelid and it begins to bleed, merely relieving the pressure will take care of the bleeding immediately. In any case, this risk can be avoided almost entirely if the surgeon takes utmost care during the surgery.

The second risk associated with blepharoplasty is slightly more common as compared to the first risk. However, it is still a rare risk and it is known as ectropion. In this condition, the eyelid is pulled down. If the surgeon takes maximum care during the procedure, this risk is also totally avoidable. But a surgeon’s extreme care during the surgery does not come without experience.

If the surgeon tightens the lower eyelid very tightly, especially with older patients whose eyelids are not very strong, it can pull down the lower eyelid. Older patients already have a weakened lower eyelid. Therefore, any excessive removal of skin can cause the skin to be pulled down.

However, this condition is curable and in many cases it will disappear with massaging or with the passage of time. In some cases, the patients may require revision surgery to correct the condition. The best way to avoid such eventualities is to choose a reputed and experienced blepharoplasty surgeon.

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