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Will my eyes look different following eyelid surgery?

Eyelid Surgery from Dr. Edmund Kwan

Dr. Kwan prefers to preserve the original shape of the eye. An eyelid lift brings out the look of the eye which the patients had when they were younger, which is without the excess skin and the eyelid skin sagging. Therefore, the goal of the eyelid lift surgery is to restore youth, but not change the shape of the eye. If the eyelid lift is done properly, the shape of the eye will remain the same.

In some patients, aging may cause the eyelid to droop, especially on the lower side. These patients may need to have the eyelid tightened to get a more youthful look. This is called lateral Canthoplasty, or the Lateral Cantho technique. Older patients particularly will get what is called Ectropion, which clearly shows their eyes and ligaments losing strength. These are the patients who may in fact want to change the shape of their eye. Therefore, for these patients the shape of the eye may be changed on purpose through Canthoplasty or the Cantho technique.

Regardless of the type of eyelid surgery undergone by a patient, the results achieved through it are very convincing. The intended and desired changes from the procedure can, in fact, be seen immediately after the surgery.

Most patients will get their desired and planned changes from the eyelid surgery within a time span of about two weeks. As a matter of fact, even during the recovery stages, patients with bruises from the surgery can expect to see a significant and desirable appearance change in their eye area. Through the removal of sagging skin and the bulging of the lower eyelid, the undesirable tired look of patients is taken away and a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance is given. Within a time period of about one month and with full healing of the incisions, the true and beautiful results of the blepharoplasty will be clearly visible.

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