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NYC area doctor offers blepharoplasty procedures

Blepharoplasty NYC

In the fifteen plus years that Dr. Edmund Kwan of NYC has been in business as a plastic surgeon, he has proudly helped patients of specific ethnicities achieve a more attractive appearance. Many patients who are of Asian descent visit with him to learn about the ways in which they can enhance their face by improving certain imperfections. Maintaining ethnic identity is important to many of his patients and he respects this.

When it comes to the eyes of many Asian patients, bulky, fatty eyelids are a common complaint. Some patients complain that their eyes look tired. Others may complain of a more “cross-eyed” appearance due to a large fold in the inner portion of the eye. By removing some of the tissues and repositioning the eyelids with blepharoplasty surgery, Dr. Edmund Kwan can widen the eyes and make patients look well rested instead of fatigued.

Men and women interested in an Asian blepharoplasty in the NYC area are encouraged to speak with our team for an initial evaluation. During this time, Dr. Edmund Kwan will assess the facial features of the individual and determine which treatment options may be best for their specific needs. He also discusses the advantages of treatments such as this, including the positive impact it can have on self-confidence and overall quality of life. It can also have a beneficial effect on personal and business relationships. Patients can take this time to ask their doctor about post-surgical care, including ways to reduce risk of infection, and ask what to plan for in recovery and healing time.

If you reside in or around the area of New York City and want to speak with a plastic surgeon who has experience with Asian facial features, contact the team at the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan today. Using some of the latest techniques and modern devices, he can help patients of Asian descent with maintaining their cultural identity while assisting them in looking awake and more youthful. Contact him today for a free consultation appointment and discuss the endless possibilities available at his practice.


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