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Breast implants treatment to suit every body in Fort Lee NJ

As an Asian plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan helps a diverse array of patients achieve the look they’ve always wanted or restore the look they used to have. For this reason, there are many options for enhancement at Edmund Kwan, MD, dependent on your needs and preferences. Breast implants treatment in Fort Lee, NJ may be recommended for those who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, and how their breasts appear in proportion to the rest of their body.

As an Asian plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan helps a diverse array of patients achieve the look they’ve always wanted or restore the look they used to have.

Additional mammoplasty procedures include breast lift or breast reduction. Some of these procedures may be combined; for instance, women who seek to elevate, reshape, and add volume can be great candidates for both breast lift and augmentation with implants. To recreate the natural characteristics of your breasts, Edmund Kwan, MD also offers fat transfer. This approach removes unwanted fat from an area of the body, such as around the hips or thighs, purifies it, and injects it into the breasts. Treatments vary, but they all start with a personalized and complementary consultation.

Are breast implants in your future?

Your breasts are like other parts of your body; their shape, size, and projection evolve. The natural process of aging can cause breasts to appear saggy or “deflated.” You may find clothes don’t contour to your curves as they used to, and you may no longer feel confident in form-fitting garments, swimwear, lingerie, or even your own skin! Life- and lifestyle-related changes also affect how your breasts feel and look; for example, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and yo-yo dieting may be to blame for the loss of perky firmness and youthful fullness. Perhaps, in your youth, you always thought your breasts would get bigger. They never did. Breast implants get the cup size you’ve always wanted, but never had. It’s important to remember candidates for augmentation are those whose breasts have fully developed. It’s common for developing women to have asymmetry and other concerns related to cup size. Waiting allows for the best possible outcomes from surgery and for lasting results.

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While Dr. Kwan welcomes your questions during a consultation, there are also some important questions that you should ask yourself before moving forward. As medical devices, breast implants are not expected to last a lifetime. It’s important to stick to ongoing annual examinations where your breasts are checked for their health and for the integrity of the implants. It’s not the type of procedure in which you must wait to fully see the results. While results are visible, the same factors that led to your desiring augmentation in the first place can also shorten the lifespan of the beautiful results achieved with treatment. Even the most skilled surgeons can’t stop the march of time. But you can help to retain the appearance of your breasts by maintaining a healthy weight. As gravity takes its toll, a breast lift may be beneficial, and Dr. Kwan will also advise on when to exchange your implants.

Image of a Lady used Breast Implants Treatments

If breast augmentation with implants is right for you, the choices continue! Today’s saline and silicone implants are both safe options. With Dr. Kwan’s guidance, you’ll arrive at the best implant to get the results you want and to suit your unique anatomy.

  • Saline implants are placed as an empty shell, which is filled with sterile salt water during your procedure. Eventually, uniform shape and firmness is achieved. Dr. Kwan places these implants through very small incisions.
  • Silicone implants are pre-filled with a gel that has a very lifelike texture and feel. Following a more than decade-long study, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found these implants were safe and health risks were not deemed as “significant.”

Some of Edmund Kwan, MD’s patients appreciate how well silicone implants mimic natural breast tissue, whereas patients who opted for saline implants like the options they have to enhance cup size, and that they’re not associated with silent or asymptomatic implant ruptures. That said, ruptures are a risk with any implant type – they’re just easier to spot with saline implants.

As you can see, there are many different considerations as unique and varied as the patients Dr. Kwan treats. Bring your questions and concerns to a consultation. Call the New Jersey office at 201 947 3636 to schedule your visit.


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What our patients say


I’m a patient there since 2000.About 5 weeks ago I had breast reduction and breast lift. What a fast recovery!! I was able to go back to work after 4days of my surgery. I had terrible pain on my back and shoulder (because of weight on my breast) now all the pains are gone. The shape just came out beautiful Dr.Kwan did such a amazing job. He called and checked on me how I was doing after 2days the surgery. (I was so impressed) also I’m so pleased about their staffs. Rebecca the manager there, I know her since 2000 she was so nice the whole time She constantly called checking on me. She explained to me what I should do before and after the surgery so kindly. The whole time I felt so comfortable and pleased. I feel like I’m living new life again!

Great doctor and great team!!!
Thank you for all!!!
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