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Why consider breast reduction in New York?

Breast reduction is a surgery that removes some tissue and skin from the breasts. This procedure, also called reduction mammoplasty, can reduce the overall size of the breasts, as well as the amount of dark skin surrounding the nipples. The breasts are also reshaped, for a beautiful, natural appearance.

The surgery is typically performed in a surgical center or a hospital, under general anesthesia. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, a local anesthetic may also be an option. The entire process usually takes between three and five hours to complete. It is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, not requiring an overnight hospital stay.

Once you are completely sedated, (or numbed if local anesthetics are used), the surgery will begin. Your surgeon will make one or more small incisions, and remove the necessary amount of tissue. The areola and nipple may be repositioned. When the breast has been reduced and reshaped, the skin will be carefully closed with sutures.

A mastopexy (breast lift) is similar to a breast reduction, although it usually only requires skin to be removed. The mastopexy procedure is performed to raise and tighten breasts, rather than reducing them. Excess skin is removed from the area surrounding the areola, and the lower portion of the breast. It can correct drooping or sagging breasts, as well as elevating the areola and nipple.

Breast reduction is intended to change the shape, size, firmness, and weight of the breasts. Many women choose this procedure to help alleviate pain and discomfort. Heavy, large breasts can make good posture difficult, can bring about neck, or back pain, as well as skin irritation. Bra straps can cause redness, abrasion, and other skin problems due to the weight of large breasts. For most women, breast reduction can effectively eliminate these issues.

In some cases, breast reduction is chosen due to physical limitations. For example, large breasts can make sports activities difficult or embarrassing, and some activities can be painful and awkward. Breast reduction is also an option for women who are unhappy with their appearance, particularly if the size of their breasts is disproportionate with their height and bone structure. Large breasts can make most clothing fit poorly, and many women are embarrassed to wear a bathing suit. Some are simply tired of unwanted attention.

Most women who have breast reduction surgery are delighted with the results. The procedure can make breasts firmer, smaller, lighter, and proportioned more evenly, in addition to relieving the discomfort and pain that frequently accompany large breasts.

This procedure provides natural, permanent results. However, it is important to remember that pregnancy, weight loss, or weight gain can still change the size and shape of breasts. CALL 212 734 4488

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