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What to expect after breast reduction surgery in New Jersey

Patients are given general anesthesia to undergo breast reduction surgery. When patients regain consciousness after the procedure is complete, they may be sore, groggy, and tired. Usually medical gauze or a compression garment will be used over the breasts to help with the recovery after the breast reduction surgery in New Jersey.

When the patient leaves the hospital, the focus is on the recovery period. There will be drainage tubes and sutures, which will require removal in approximately one week. The sutures and incisions must not be disturbed during this week. Some patients have difficulty sleeping in the first week after the surgery. Many find comfort by placing multiple pillows under their head. The patients cannot sleep on their stomach during the healing period. Many find bathing difficult and need help bathing and washing their hair for the first few weeks following the surgery.

Since breast reduction in New Jersey is a surgical procedure, patients can expect there to be some scarring. The appearance, size, and position of the scars will vary with each patient. This is because the amount of tissue removed, along with other factors are affected by each patient’s unique requirements. The scars will diminish over time.

The side effects that patients can expect include swelling, reduced nipple sensitivity, bruising, redness, and discomfort. Especially in the first few days, the breasts will be sore and tender. The pain can be controlled with prescription pain relievers. It is normal for some dull pain to be felt for the first several weeks after the surgery. Post-treatment discomfort will gradually diminish in the days following the surgery.

Some patients find that they cannot see the results of the reduction for about a month following the surgery due to the swelling. For a period of time, the breasts may appear larger than they initially were, or even look misshapen. The swelling gradually diminishes during the healing process. Staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, eating a low-sodium healthy diet, avoiding medications that can interfere with healing, and getting plenty of rest will help speed the healing process. CALL 212 734 4488

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