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When can I go back to work following brow lift surgery?

When can I go back to work following brow lift surgery?

Patients can usually go back to work within 10 days after the surgery. Recovery is much faster than what most patients think and is much faster compared to a facelift because the incision gets hidden within the scalp.

Following the surgery, the patient may experience some swelling, as well as black and blue eyes. However, most patients will recover fairly quickly. If they go out after a week, people will not be able to tell that they had anything done. Therefore, the time to get back to work is fairly short with a brow lift surgery. Nevertheless, patients are advised to limit excessively active work for a period of several weeks. Such activities are jogging or running, bending or any other activity that will cause an increase in blood pressure.

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Following a brow lift surgery, surgeons normally advise patients to focus on keeping their heads elevated as much as possible for several days so that post-surgical swelling may be minimized. Moreover, patients are likely to experience certain amounts of numbness and some discomfort around the incision line for a few days. However, these effects are often taken care of with the use of pain medicine. Furthermore, the black and blue eyes and the swelling that occur following the surgery will normally go away during the first week.

As most of the above mentioned apparent side effects disappear in several weeks time, the leftover minute amounts of swelling and bruising can be easily covered with makeup. In addition, surgeons advise patients not to worry if they feel tired and weak during the initial recovery days. As the body heals and comes back to its original state, patients will look good and feel great. A majority of the patients are more than happy with the results they see following the complete healing from the brow lift procedure. Most patients realize how old and tired they looked because of their sagging brows only after they see the results of their new, enhanced appearance. You are welcome to book a consultation visit to educate yourself further on the brow lift procedure if you are living in or around the area of 201 947 3636 New Jersey and 212 734 4488 New York

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