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Embrace enhanced curves with natural buttock augmentation in New York

Dr. Edmund Kwan uses implants or fat for buttock augmentation in New York.

Buttock augmentation in New York at the offices of Edmund Kwan, MD is safely tailored to each patient’s unique needs for a boost that looks natural and achieves or exceeds your goals for treatment. If you have always been unhappy with your curves or have noticed unwanted changes following the birth of a child or with the passage of time, you may be a candidate for buttock augmentation through “natural” enhancement with “autologous” tissues – or fat from your own body. Think of it this way: You can trim an area with excess fat while boosting another area that needs the volume in a single visit! This approach allows truly dramatic and life-changing improvements in your appearance.

Augmentation with your own fat

Better known as “natural” butt augmentation or the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” this approach to enlarging your backside uses fat from your own body. An implant isn’t required. Generally, BBL is associated with more favorable contours in the area where fat is removed, as well as in the areas where fat is placed. These improved contours are achieved with minimal scars in the hands of experienced Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan. Risks inherent to implants, such as the possibility that your body could reject foreign material, are completely avoided by using your body’s own fat. Risks are further minimized by performing natural butt augmentation at Edmund Kwan, MD’s AAAASF-certified ambulatory surgery facility.

Dr. Kwan will also have discussed options for anesthesia with you prior to surgery. Anesthesia is administered safely at the accredited facility where he has performed thousands of successful procedures through the decades.

The process

Dr. Kwan first uses predictable, advanced tumescent liposuction to remove fat from areas of the body where you don’t want it; for instance, pockets of fat around the waist, belly, and thighs are notoriously stubborn to reduce with diet and exercise alone. The fat, tissues, and blood are processed with the same type of thin tubes or cannulas that were used to remove it – only this time, Dr. Kwan injects the purified fat into areas where you want the additional volume.

By “purified fat,” we’re referring to cells that have been spun in a centrifuge. This important step isolates the highest quality fat cells and separates these cells from non-fat components such as other cells and fluids. This means only the healthiest and most viable fat is used for your augmentation procedure.

Small injections are gently made throughout your backside for results that look and feel natural. Similarly, this approach to fat injection ensures permanent acceptance and reduces the chance that fat will be absorbed back into the body; for instance, the gluteus muscle is considered to be a very robust recipient site that provides fat with a supply of blood. These characteristics improve the chances that injected fat will survive.

Dr. Kwan will also ensure that both buttocks are symmetrical and that the treated areas look natural.

Image of a Buttock augmentation

A few of the things that are good for patients to know about fat transfer or BBL include:

  • Results are immediately noticeable. But it can take a year for the fat to “take.”
  • What this means is there may be some projection that is lost in the months following your injections.
  • Many patients enjoy the trade-offs, and how natural this method appears and feels.
  • Your body absorbs, on average, 20 to 40 percent of the transferred fat.
  • Results can change as weight fluctuates because grafted fat behaves just like fat cells in other parts of your body.

Generally, fat transfer is for healthy patients who want a perkier look, but don’t necessarily require a big boost to the size of their backsides. Patients must have adequate fat available at the “donor” sites. For patients concerned about skin quality and laxity, a gluteal lift may be in order. Tissues are removed and repositioned to achieve a less saggy or dimpled appearance. Dr. Kwan can’t recommend the optimal approach for you until after a thorough consultation and conversation about your preferences and goals. Call 212 734 4488 to schedule a complimentary consultation at the Manhattan office. If the Flushing office is more convenient for you, please call 718 661 4580.


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