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Experience the benefits of virtual cheekbone reduction with 3D imaging in Fort Lee NJ

Edmund Kwan, MD is the rare provider in the United States to offer procedures such as reduction of the forehead, jawbone, or cheekbones. A board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive craniofacial and reconstructive experience, Dr. Edmund Kwan is also among the few plastic surgeons Stateside to invest in technologies such as 3-Dimensional imaging. When combined with Dr. Kwan’s artistic and technical skill, as well as his many satisfied, diverse patients over more than 20 years in practice, you have a powerful ally to safely achieve the look you’ve always wanted at Edmund Kwan, MD. Cheekbone reduction with 3D imaging in Fort Lee NJ gets results, without the exorbitant price tags associated with other providers in and around New York City.

Cheekbone Reduction With 3D imaging in Fort Lee NJ area

The 3D imaging advantage

The 3D imaging advantage in Fort Lee NJ area

Desirable results start with thorough treatment planning. Dr. Kwan works closely with patients to discuss their goals, preferences, and other important considerations during a no-fee consultation. 3-Dimensional imaging is incorporated into the all-important treatment planning stage. Edmund Kwan, MD uses the Vectra® H1 imaging system by a leader in health care technologies, Canfield Scientific. The system requires no preparation for the patient and is as simple as “sitting for a photograph!” The handheld Vectra® H1 looks like a fancy camera, and with as few as three photos from different angles, the software renders high-res, 3-dimensional images that bring your facial transformation to life.

As it relates to cheekbone reduction, Dr. Kwan can view the images with you to discuss specific portions of the mid-face that concern you, yet you may not be able to verbalize exactly what part of the face bothers you – or why. With images that can be viewed from many different angles, enlarged and manipulated in numerous ways, you and your surgeon can “speak the same language,” and get on the same page about exactly what you want from surgical procedures or other complementary treatments.

Furthermore, you can take these treatments for a “test drive” of sorts. Dr. Kwan can input the types of changes that come from various cheekbone reduction techniques, as well as other procedures you may be considering as an alternative to cheekbone reduction or in addition to this particular treatment; for instance, there are generally two different techniques to consider when your cheekbones are either “too high” or “too low”:

  • Cutting – If “fallen” cheeks are your concern, Dr. Kwan has the specialized craniofacial surgery training and experience to safely remove and reposition the bone, so you get the shape and contours you desire – without visible scarring.
  • Grinding – A smaller amount of bone tissue is reduced by Dr. Kwan, should prominent high cheekbones detract from the facial harmony you desire in a way that balances safety and functional considerations with your goals for facial sculpting.

With this accurate simulation technology, Dr. Kwan is also happy to show you how to optimize the results from cheekbone reduction with other aesthetic treatments, such as Botox to soften lines in the upper face, or dermal fillers to add volume and definition to the lips. The Vectra® system can showcase all the different characteristics and features that add up to your overall facial appearance; for instance, some modes illustrate very clearly, with the likes of shading or red coloration, texture irregularities and sun damage such as brown spots and broken capillaries.

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Contour and volume measurement features are particularly applicable to patients who are considering cheekbone reduction procedures, as Dr. Kwan uses the system to measure and then show the degree of contour or volume difference that can be achieved with reduction and, conversely, augmentation or lifting treatments. You can also see the current relationship of the mid-face to other parts of your face, such as your nose and upper or lower lip. This information helps you see how the existing position, size, and shape of your cheeks appear with other parts of your face. The system’s face sculpting capability allows Dr. Kwan to alter that relationship, achieving desired proportions and facial harmony without a scalpel or injection – virtually!

You can access the results from your personalized, digital face sculpting any time, from the comfort of home, via a secure online platform.

“Try on” cheekbone reduction, without the risk. Call 201 947 3636 to schedule your consultation at Edmund Kwan, MD’s Fort Lee, NJ office.


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What our patients say


I had jawbones and cheekbones reduction with Dr. Edmund Kwan about 2 months ago. He has absolutely done an amazing job, the operation was very successful. I did a lot of research before going into his office, and I was pretty scared of the cases that I read online of people who got their face or nerves damaged. However, I was no longer scared after the consultation with Dr. Kwan because of his confidence, and he knew what he was doing.
For Dr. Kwan’s office, everything was clean, professional and well-organized. Other staff is nice, and professional, too.
Overall, I’m happy with everything, and I definitely recommend Dr. Edmund Kwan.
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