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Experience the benefits of virtual cheekbone reduction with 3D imaging in Fort Lee NJ

Cheekbone Reduction With 3D imaging in Fort Lee NJ area

Edmund Kwan, MD is the rare provider in the United States to offer procedures such as reduction of the forehead, jawbone, or cheekbones. A board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive craniofacial and reconstructive experience, Dr. Edmund Kwan is also among the few plastic surgeons Stateside to invest in technologies such as 3-Dimensional imaging. When combined with Dr. Kwan’s artistic and technical skill, as well as his many satisfied, diverse patients over more than 20 years in practice, you have a powerful ally to safely achieve the look you’ve always wanted at Edmund Kwan, MD. Cheekbone reduction with 3D imaging in Fort … Continue reading

Reshape your face; let your features shine with safe cheek reduction surgery in Fort Lee NJ

Dr. Edmund Kwan uses reduction surgery techniques to narrow the upper cheekbone or thin out the lower cheek or fat pad to achieve your unique goals for cosmetic enhancement in Fort Lee NJ.

Edmund Kwan, MD gets great satisfaction from offering peace of mind to patients who may be concerned about certain procedures, due to something they’ve read about online. We love it when patients say they’re no longer scared after their consultations. We love it even more when patients visit us after their procedures, and they’re carrying themselves a little higher now that they’re more comfortable “in their own skin.” You’ve come to the right place for safe, quality procedures such as cheek reduction surgery in Fort Lee NJ. When partnering with a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon like Dr. Edmund Kwan, … Continue reading

Turn to a board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lee NJ for cheekbone reduction surgery as unique as you are!

Edmund Kwan MD’s surgical center is accredited for utmost safety and peace of mind.

In some cultures, the position and plumpness of the cheekbones is associated with leadership qualities; prominent yet balanced cheeks are considered to be indicators of boldness, confidence, and ambition. In many western cultures, high and well-defined cheeks are also coveted, but these characteristics can elude many patients. Also, age-related changes can cause formerly prominent apples of the cheeks to “fall,” leading to a sunken, tired, and overall aged appearance. These patients may seek out plastic surgeons like Dr. Kwan to boost, enlarge, or otherwise augment cheekbones. This augmentation can be done with implants or soft tissue dermal fillers. Yet, every … Continue reading

Achieve beautiful balance and contours with safe and skilled cheekbone reduction treatment in Queens, NY

Achieve beautiful balance and contours with safe and skilled cheekbone reduction treatment from Dr. Edmund Kwan.

Cheekbones (or zygoma) play big roles in the overall appearance of the face. The shape and size of the cheekbones help or hamper the look of other facial features; for example, big eyes may appear smaller when overwhelmed by wide cheeks. Likewise, smaller eyes may look bigger when paired with attractive, beautifully-proportioned cheekbones. In turn, few procedures can dramatically improve the appearance of the face quite like cheekbone reduction treatment in Queens, NY. Few plastic surgeons in New York City and beyond have the training and expertise to offer this type of surgery. Instead, what you may come across is … Continue reading

Asian patients who want to improve their cheekbones in NYC are welcome to visit with Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD

Asian Cheekbones NYC

For many Asian patients, a common problem experience with the cheekbones is that they give a wider appearance to the facial shape. This can make patients feel self-conscious about the way they look but is a common ethnic characteristic. It is not unusual for patients in the NYC area to visit with Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD about addressing these wide cheekbones and making them appear much thinner in a natural yet effective manner. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD is a quality plastic surgeon who can improve cheekbones with a procedure known as cheekbone reduction. Cheekbone reduction is done in a way … Continue reading

NYC area plastic surgeon explains cheekbone surgery

Cheek Bone Surgery NYC

Many patients who want to restore the balance of their face and reduce a wide appearance may benefit from cheekbone surgery. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of NYC provides procedures such as cheekbone reduction to help in improving the harmony and symmetry of the face, especially in patients of Asian ethnicity. The best candidates for cheekbone surgery are those who want to reduce very large cheekbones and address the symmetry of their facial anatomy. Patients are encouraged to visit with Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of NYC for an initial consultation appointment to find out if their facial proportions would benefit from … Continue reading

What are the benefits of cheekbone reduction surgery in NYC?

Cheek Bone Reduction NY

Patients residing in NYC who are considering cheekbone reduction may want to speak to a professional surgeon such as Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD to determine how beneficial the procedure can be in achieving facial symmetry while maintaining harmony and balance in the face. When patients have very defined cheekbones, they can correct the condition with this particular surgical procedure. Many patients of Asian descent have cheekbone reduction surgery completed to reduce a fuller, wider face. Cheekbone reduction surgery requires that a portion of the bone be removed and reshaped to provide a more aesthetic appearance. This is done through a … Continue reading

What is cheek reduction?

Cheek Reduction Surgery in New York City area

Cheek reduction is a cosmetic surgery that involves the reduction of the cheek bone area. Even though this procedure is not as common among the Caucasian population, every once in a while there are non-Asians like Hispanics or African Americans who exhibit very high cheekbones. However, for most non-Asians, the presence of a higher cheekbone can be a sign of beauty and attractiveness. In contrast, in some Asians, the cheekbone can be much higher and wider, causing an unpleasing appearance. When the cheekbone of a person is both high and wide, it generally causes the face to give a disproportionate … Continue reading

Why would someone want to reduce their cheek structure?

Asian Cheek Reduction

In Western cultures, the presence of a fairly high cheekbone is considered a sign of beauty. Many of the contemporary fashion models have higher cheekbones, and some of them even seek to get cheek implants to further increase the height of their cheeks. However, if a person’s cheekbone is so high that it’s much higher in proportion to the rest of his or her face and if it’s also wider than usual, then it could actually dent on the appearance of their face. Resulting from such a cheekbone is facial disproportion which will in turn result in a patient’s face … Continue reading

How do you perform cheekbone reduction?

Cheekbone Reduction New York

Since the cheekbone is not very thick, its thickness doesn’t present any problems to a plastic surgeon. However, the issue lies in the exact amount of protuberance of the cheekbone and how it affects the patient’s appearance. Cheekbone surgery is performed differently by different surgeons. While some perform it by filing the bone down, a majority of them prefer to literally and completely cut the bone and push it in. Proponent surgeons of the latter version recognize the fact that the cheekbone is comparatively thin compared to the rest of the bones in the skull. Many surgeons compare this version … Continue reading

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