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NYC area doctor describes corrective jaw surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery NYC

There are times when patients visit Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of the NYC area concerned about a wider and thicker jawbone than they would prefer. This may make the face look considerably wider and can result in patients feeling rather self-conscious about their appearance. When concerns such as this arise, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD may speak with patients about the benefits of corrective jaw surgery.

Jaw surgery is a little different from other bone surgeries as this one often involves removal of some of the muscle. The muscles around the jaw can result in the wider look. By addressing both the muscle and the bone, patients can enjoy a reduced jaw and thus, a thinner, more youthful face.

Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD provides corrective jaw surgery as an outpatient procedure in his office and it is performed under general anesthesia. Patients will be asleep as the surgery is performed and they should arrange transportation home afterwards. The procedure is done through an incision inside of the mouth where Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD can file down the jawbone and remove a portion of the muscle surrounding it. Patients will not experience any changes in the ability to open or close the jaw due to the removal of excess muscle.

Corrective jaw surgery is a common procedure done in the practice of Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD and many patients love the results they can achieve. Patients can expect a week or two of recovery, and may experience swelling for up to a month. Patients can visit with Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD for follow-up appointments to ensure all is healing as expected and the results desired are achieved.

If you live in or around the New York area, Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD may be able to assist you with enhancing your natural beauty using plastic surgery techniques. Cosmetic procedures are a way patients can improve the way they look. His practice serves both men and women and can help with reconstructive, cosmetic, and medical issues. CALL 201 947 3636


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