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Cosmetic surgeon in New York explains how a brow lift is done

You’re content. But people think you’re angry. You’re well-rested. But people say you look tired. The birthdate on your driver’s license is far younger than the reflection in the mirror indicates. If these types of concerns trouble you, you’ve come to the right place to achieve a youthful, pleasant, well-rested appearance!

Dr. Kwan Edmund explains how a brow lift is done.

A Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan safely and skillfully improves the appearance of the eye area and, in some cases, visual acuity. While your trusted cosmetic surgeon in New York explains how a brow lift is done, Dr. Kwan only knows if it’s the best approach for you following a thorough medical evaluation and consultation. 

When a brow lift is best

Generally, this procedure reduces horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and between the eyes. It corrects “hooded” eyelids, because raising the brows also raises the lids by placing them in a younger looking and more alert position.

Saggy eyebrows arise due to changes in the way fat is distributed over time. Furthermore, young skin bounces back due to plentiful collagen and elastin fibers and proteins. Older skin doesn’t retain its shape after a facial expression is made. The result is expression lines that remain on the face, even when you’re motionless.

When a brow lift is best

Neuromodulators such as Botox offer a temporary solution. To maintain a rested and young appearance, periodic injections are required. They can be a great alternative for patients whose source of concern is limited to expression lines like crow’s feet, because Botox interferes with the ability for specific muscles to contract; however, these non-invasive treatments can’t remove excess skin and reposition tissues in the way surgical intervention can. Eyebrow lifts are also considered a lasting procedure, if the patient continues to live a healthy lifestyle and refrains from habits that may have hastened the aging process, such as tanning or smoking.

Some patients visit Dr. Kwan thinking that they need a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, when in fact they’ll benefit from a brow or forehead lift. Brow lifts can be combined with blepharoplasties, facelifts, or other procedures such as facial resurfacing. Combination procedures may be recommended if patients suffer from conditions like ptosis, which arises due to “normal” aging, or congenital and neurological problems. This is a true eyelid droop that occurs as the muscle responsible for lifting the lid stretches and slackens.

A consultation helps to determine if you are physically healthy, have realistic goals for surgery, and either don’t use tobacco products or intend to stop soon. All these characteristics are a “must” to ensure your safety and satisfaction with the lift procedure.

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Like other surgeries performed by Dr. Kwan, the brow lift starts with lab testing and medical evaluation. He may instruct you to take some medications, and work with your general physician on adjusting existing drugs. Tobacco products, anti-inflammatories and some supplements are associated with increased risk of bleeding and bruising. He’ll discuss what products you can take safely, and the ones to discontinue for a time.

You’ll also need to have a friend or family member take you to the surgery and drive you home afterward.

Treatment day

Dr. Kwan takes great care to avoid altering the height of the hairline while lifting the brow.

The procedure is done at a AAAASF-certified surgical facility. Anesthesia is administered for utmost comfort. Dr. Kwan discusses options during your consultation and preparation.

There are many techniques that may be used to get the results you desire, but generally all brow lift patients should expect the doctor to:

  • Access underlying tissue and muscle via very small incisions in the hairline
  • Adjust these tissues as needed
  • Achieve desired correction
  • Hide the incisions in the hair
  • Close the incisions

Where the incision is placed varies from patient to patient due to factors such as unique facial anatomy; for example, Dr. Kwan takes great care to avoid altering the height of the hairline while lifting the brow. The resulting scar can still be hidden well in the hair and with styles such as bangs or fringes.

Bye-bye, old and tired skin!

Results are immediate and will gradually improve in the weeks and months after surgery, as swelling and bruising subside. Following Dr. Kwan’s instructions is critical to a safe, fast, and healthy recovery. Care may include keeping your head elevated and avoiding vigorous activity or pressure on incisions. Usually, you can return to work and normal activities in 10 to 14 days.

Dr. Kwan will discuss ways to stay looking vibrant, such as sun protection. Call 201 947 3636 to schedule an appointment at the Manhattan, Flushing, or New Jersey office.


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I can't wait until the summer to show off my abs. You are amazingly gifted and an artist as well. I am so glad I was recommended to you from my dermatologist.

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