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Lift eyebrows, smooth forehead wrinkles, awaken your eyes with a single treatment in Queens, NY

Woman showing her brows

Transform your face with a brow lift. Many patients initially consult with Dr. Edmund Kwan about eyelid surgery, only to discover they’re better candidates for an eyebrow or forehead lift. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty may be combined with the eyebrows lift treatment in Queens NY. No two patients (or procedures) are exactly alike. For this reason, appropriate treatment is recommended only after a thorough, complimentary consultation with Dr. Kwan, a Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose Flushing office is conveniently located for Queens-area patients.

Rejuvenate eyebrows with forehead lift treatment in Queens, NY

He’ll examine your face and medical history and discuss your preferences and expected results from surgery. It’s also a great time to address any concerns you may have, and to walk through potential risks and complications. Brow lifts and other procedures have predictably safe results and successful outcomes when properly performed by a Board-certified surgeon like Dr. Kwan and in a medical setting – such as his AAAASF certified ambulatory surgery facility. He has successfully performed thousands of procedures at this facility. Dr. Kwan has worked with many different types of patients. His approach to each patient and procedure, preserves his or her ethnicity while balancing desired aesthetic preferences and goals from treatment.

Eyebrow lifts versus eyelid rejuvenation

Also known as “forehead lifts,” brow lift procedures soften lines on the forehead while opening the eyes. Age-related changes are often to blame for lines, folds, and sagging in the upper part of the face. As you get older, eyebrows tend to droop. Skin and soft tissues lose their elasticity, which causes the distance between the eyebrows and lashes to shorten. Your eyes and brows are very expressive. When they appear scrunched together or in a lower, droopy position, you may have an overall tired, aged, sad, or angry look that doesn’t match how you feel inside. A lift boosts the position of the brows, restoring a more attractive and youthful appearance that more accurately expresses who you are and how you feel.

What some patients may assume to be an eyelid problem can be a brow-related concern when lids appear to droop due to the relaxation of the forehead and brows. Repositioning the brows also has the effect of smoothing folds on the forehead and of “waking up” the eye region. On its own or in addition to a brow lift, eyelid surgery is good for candidates whose concerns are rooted in the lids – not the brows. These concerns may include:

  • Laxity in the natural contours of the eyelid, which creates folds and can be severe enough to interfere with a clear vision
  • Lower lids; for instance, undereye bags or lids that pull down the eye – revealing the white sclera below the iris
  • Fat deposits that make the lids appear puffy

Droopy eyelids may also be a symptom of a condition known as “ptosis”; however, instead of being caused by lax skin or soft tissues, ptosis can be caused by weakened muscles. If a muscular problem is to blame, treatment would require tightening the muscle to restore healthy function, vision, and an attractive appearance.

Beautiful woman with nice brows

If Dr. Kwan determines you are among those who would benefit the most from an eyebrow or forehead lift, he’ll discuss what to expect before, during, and after treatment. Here, Edmund Kwan, M.D. offers a quick glimpse into the process of getting a brow lift:

  • Do you take aspirin? Anti-inflammatory drugs? Supplements? He’ll discuss products and medications that may need to be adjusted to minimize bleeding, bruising, and other potential risks from surgery.
  • You must stop smoking or using tobacco products in the weeks leading up to treatment. Smoking impairs healing and a fast, smooth recovery.
  • Day of, anesthesia will be administered for comfort. Dr. Kwan will discuss your options prior to treatment.
  • There are many different techniques that may be used to perform a successful brow lift. All require accessing the tissues that need to be repositioned via well-placed incisions. These incisions are largely placed in the hairline, so no one notices them.
  • During the process, excess tissues may be removed, and muscles may be adjusted.
  • Incisions are closed.
  • See the beautiful results! Full results typically appear in a few weeks as swelling and bruising subside.
  • Kwan will discuss how to take care of the surgical site during those weeks. It can take 10 to 14 days for initial healing. Cosmetics help to camouflage bruises.

As with all procedures, treat the surgical site with tender loving care! Don’t place excessive force on the incisions and don’t resume strenuous activity until your doctor says it’s OK to do so. Start the process now by calling 718 661 4580 to schedule your complimentary consultation at the Flushing office.


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