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New York NY patients enjoy many options for face contouring treatment to balance beautiful features

Contouring and highlighting with makeup helps to enhance those features you love, while minimizing other areas, for a more attractive, symmetrical and sculpted appearance. Face contouring treatment in New York NY at the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Edmund Kwan provides lasting results – no maintenance required!

Dr. Edmund Kwan helps patients love the look of their cheeks, jaws, and foreheads

What is facial contouring?

There is not any single treatment to achieve the face shape and features you’ve always wanted.

  • Instead, contouring spans an entire category of procedures, and they are selected only after closely examining your face and consulting with you about your goals and preferences.
  • Treatment plans are based off of your unique facial anatomy and features.
  • Generally, our many Asian patients delicate, feminine facial shape. To achieve softer facial contours, the skeletal structure can be manipulated safely and predictably, because the shape and size of the facial skeleton is a big reason your face appears as it does.

Reduction malarplasty may minimize the appearance of the mid-face or cheeks, while mandibular angleplasty or angle reduction surgery, involves the lower third of the face – or jaw – transforming a square-shaped face into a more delicate and feminine appearance, generally featuring less hard angles and more softer curves.

Why diverse experience matters

Dr. Kwan has around two decades of experience treating many different types of patients. While every patient is treated as the unique individual that he or she is, patients of Asian descent generally tend to have wider, shorter faces. Caucasian patients tend to have longer and narrower faces. Ultimately, the goals each of these two groups have differ; the latter group may seek to add volume to the very areas that the former group wishes to minimize.

It’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who is comfortable working with different groups and who, in turn, has experience with the necessary procedures and techniques to help patients achieve their goals for enhancement. It’s also important to retain each patient’s ethnic identity – to not lose his or her essence.

Facial analysis helps to recognize imbalances and pinpoint areas those areas that require either reduction or augmentation. The latest technologies and diagnostics, combined with Dr. Kwan’s extensive visual and medical examination, provides insight into the underlying skeleton that is used to determine, in part, the amount of bone that must be resected or cut and repositioned.

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Wide face?

A malar or cheek reduction may involve accessing the bone through small incisions. This can be done so noninvasively and gently that prosthetics such as wires aren’t needed to support the repositioned bone. Hard tissues settle naturally during the healing process. For more modest improvement, burring or shaving down the bone can be accomplished through even smaller incisions made in the mouth.

Bulky jawline?

There are also many options available at Dr. Kwan’s office to reshape the lower portion of the face. These options have a tremendous transformative effect on your overall facial appearance and shape. To balance or minimize a “squared-off” face, surgical techniques will be recommended based off of the anatomic structure and considerations such as the amount of correction required.

It’s also important to get to the source or root of the bulky lower jaw. In some cases, the skeletal structure isn’t “to blame.” Features may be softened non-surgically by relaxing the overworked masseter muscles with Botox, the same product used to soften expression lines like crow’s feet. These thick, rectangular muscles can become “hypertrophic” due to overuse habits like teeth-grinding and -clenching. Just as bone may be removed, so can muscle. In the hands of a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, function isn’t affected because the surgical technique is so precise.

Forehead frustration?

Dr. Kwan has around two decades of experience treating many different types of patients.

A perhaps overlooked area for contouring involves the forehead, which may be shaped to your goals and needs for treatment. Many of our Asian patients want to achieve a more curved or “feminine” forehead shape. Contouring corrects a flat or depressed forehead to achieve balance and harmony among other areas of the face or features. The treatment requires minimal healing time, is well-tolerated by our patients, and may involve using a pliable and biocompatible bone cement to improve the area.

The whole face must be regarded as a single unit. Edmund Kwan MD accounts for all areas of the face when recommending the best procedures or techniques for contouring and improvement. Consider how a reduction of the cheeks or mid-face area alone can cause an imbalance of the facial shape among those with a square-shaped face – making the remaining jaw angles look even more prominent. Dr. Kwan combines extensive technical expertise with artistry to soften angles and achieve your uniquely beautiful look, and that may involve combining a couple of procedures, such as reduction of both the cheeks and jaws. Schedule 718 661 4580 your consultation at the Manhattan, Flushing, or New Jersey office.


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I give Dr. Edmund Kwan and his staff a five star, I would give ten stars if provided on this chart. I have been a patient of Dr Kwan for many years and have gotten a few procedures done in which I'm very satisfied, the quality of work and care are exceptional, the facility in Manhattan is beautiful and easy to get too, not to mention in a very wonderful neighborhood! All and all my experience has been a pleasure and with very positive results.
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