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NYC plastic surgeon helps you love your facial contours with face reduction surgery

Face Reduction Surgery NYC

Face reduction surgery in NYC at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD is not any one procedure or technique. The approach Dr. Kwan and his team take to surgery is as unique as you are! Procedures designed to reduce the appearance of the cheeks and jawline maintain or restore beautiful balance among facial features. They may also be combined with augmentation procedures as a “profile surgery.”

The right facial plastic surgeon for your procedure

Dr. Kwan is Board-certified in plastic surgery, a distinction that requires demonstrated knowledge and clinical experience in this specialized discipline. Furthermore, he has around two decades of experience treating Asian patients. The importance of this experience can’t be overstated when exploring facial reduction procedures.

Generally, Western cultures covet and seek augmentation procedures such as dermal fillers to add volume to the cheeks. Many of our Asian patients prefer a soft, subtle look. Furthermore, high cheekbones and well-defined and prominent mandibular or jaw contours are common characteristics among many patients of Asian descent. The beauty of a diminutive nose, delicate chin, or striking eyes may be lost when wide cheeks and a square and sharp jawline overwhelm the appearance of the face.

You have options!

All successful treatments start with accurate diagnostics. A thorough evaluation, including radiography will determine what is responsible for your square facial shape, or bulky profile. Strong bone structure may be the cause, but prominent bones frequently exist with a condition called benign masseteric hypertrophy. Characterized by oversized chewing muscles, this hypertrophy is often a result of overwork. Habits such as jaw-clenching, teeth-grinding, and persistent gum-chewing work the muscles of the lower jaw. It’s also common among Koreans who enjoy lots of chewy squid! The more you use any muscle, the bigger it grows. In this case, masseter muscles may become so enlarged that they alter the shape of the face. A face that appeared more oval can become boxy, and the twinkling eyes or button nose that used to get noticed now take a backseat to a square facial shape.

Patients who require muscular correction may benefit from the removal of a portion of muscle, or from Botox. Not just for crow’s feet and forehead lines, Botox is a non-invasive alternative to surgical intervention for facial reduction.  When injected precisely by Dr. Kwan, the treated muscle can’t contract. A muscle that doesn’t contract can’t produce the action responsible for bulking up the lower part of the face. It should be said that Botox:

  • Is temporary. Results last about six months.
  • Requires periodic injections to maintain beautiful results.
  • Doesn’t treat or improve the appearance of bony projections.
  • Can significantly improve the jaw angle that is so noticeable at the sides of the face and contributes heavily to an unmistakably square shape.
  • May not be a suitable alternative for severe cases, or to achieve very dramatic transformations.

Patients who don’t want repeated injections to the masseter muscles may consider more invasive options.

Bone reduction is very popular at Dr. Kwan’s office, especially among his Asian patients. Cheek reduction may be achieved by shaving the outer bone. This procedure may be performed with an intraoral incision. This approach is generally less invasive than surgery to reposition the cheekbone and it’s associated with faster recovery times. When bone is reconfigured by Dr. Kwan, it eventually settles into a new position that creates a narrower appearance as the body heals post-treatment. There is no need for plates or wires, which have traditionally been used for these types of reduction procedures.
Facial Plastic Surgeon
Shaving or burring can also reduce the size and sharp angles of the jawline and, if appropriate, may be accomplished through an incision in the mouth. Cutting out or resecting and contouring the bone may be combined with removal of a portion of the muscle to achieve a softer, more delicate jawline and oval facial shape.

Facial reduction procedures may also be combined as part of an overall profile makeover. Procedures that reduce some areas of the face are combined with treatments that augment or enlarge other features, such as specialized facial implants.

Contact Edmund Kwan, MD today

Don’t wait to reduce facial contours and boost your confidence! We’re sure you have many questions and we know that there are numerous considerations, including for pre- and post-operative care. Dr. Kwan’s team wants to hear from you. Call to schedule an appointment at the Manhattan, Flushing, or New Jersey office.


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