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Benefit from facial bone reduction by NYC plastic surgeon and expert in reconstructive services

Facial Bone Reduction Surgeon NYC

Some patients seek to add volume to the cheeks, or to define the jawline. But many Asian patients seek the expertise of Dr. Edmund Kwan and his team to do the opposite: reduce prominent zygoma or cheekbones, and the mandible or jawbone. End your search for a facial bone reduction surgeon in NYC. with Dr. Kwan. A Board-certified surgeon, Dr. Kwan has more than 18 years of experience treating Asian patients with specialized plastic and reconstructive services. He understands ethnic patients’ unique facial anatomy and specific needs. You’ll be thrilled with the face staring back at you in the mirror following treatment and healthy healing!

Unleash your confidence!

If you feel wide cheekbones and a prominent jawline are holding you back professionally, academically, or socially, you may be the ideal candidate for cheek or jaw bone reduction. If you can’t put a confident face forward and instead “hide” behind your hair, you may benefit from Dr. Kwan’s surgical expertise.

The “typical” Asian face has delicate, soft features. An oversized mid- or lower-face can overwhelm a subtle nose or chin. The resulting more masculine appearance and square facial shape doesn’t exist in harmony with delicate features. Reducing the width of the cheeks, or softening the angle of the jaw, restores balance and achieves the coveted softer, feminine look and an oval facial shape that looks great with any haircut!

Reduction procedures involve burring or filing the bone down, or a portion of these bulky or prominent bony angles may be removed. The approach taken to meet your goals depends on the nature of your concerns. During your consultation, Dr. Kwan may find bone isn’t the big problem. The masseter muscles responsible for chewing can become enlarged due to “overwork”; for example, prolonged teeth-grinding is associated with this condition. These patients can benefit from the removal of a portion of muscle, or even from Botox. The same Botox that improves frown lines and crow’s feet is administered to interfere with the muscular contractions responsible for a bulky appearance. Muscles are precisely targeted to achieve natural function and appearance.

The process

A consultation with Dr. Kwan includes a direct facial examination and X-rays. In addition to pinpointing the exact area of concern and determining if a bone or muscular problem requires correction, he’ll evaluate the relationship between the mid- and lower-face. Correcting the cheek area can make the jawline appear even bigger. It’s all about proportion and facial harmony.

If some type of bone reduction is in your future, Dr. Kwan discusses allergies, medical conditions, or medications that can impact the procedure. Some medications or supplements may be discontinued in the days or weeks leading up to surgery. Aspirin-containing products, for instance, affect your blood’s clotting ability and increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. Nicotine and alcohol can cause complications such as bruising, and hamper a speedy recovery. Dr. Kwan discusses what to expect during the procedure, including sedation administered safely at the practice’s certified ambulatory operating room. He will explain what to bring with you (like loose clothes and comfy footwear) and what to leave home (including makeup, wigs, and contact lenses).

The actual techniques involved with your procedure vary, and may include:

  • Narrowing the jaw through the surgical removal of the outer layer of bone.
  • Shaving off the prominent portions of the jawbone to reduce its size or burring parts of the cheekbone to reduce its width.
  • Repositioning the cheekbone.
  • Accessing trouble areas via an intraoral incision within the mouth for a much less invasive approach.
  • Removing a portion of muscle.
  • Placing a drain and sutures to close the incision.

Beautiful results!

Plastic & Reconstructive Services
Just as Dr. Kwan did before the procedure, he provides detailed instructions on post-operative care. Everyone heals differently. Following these instructions helps to speed recovery and avoid complications. You’ll be instructed to wear a facial compression garment, and on when to introduce soft foods. Walking as soon as dizziness subsides gets the blood circulating, but strenuous physical activity must be avoided in the weeks following treatment. Some numbness, swelling, and bruising is normal, as is trismus, or lockjaw, associated with mandibular contouring. Stiffness can be significantly improved with facial exercises.

Surgical bone reduction has the potential to dramatically improve facial contours and achieve the stunning look you’ve longed for – without impairing function. Contact us to schedule a consultation at one of Edmund Kwan, MD’s three locations in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey.


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